Isaiah 31:1-9

31  Ha, men that go down to Egypt for help, that lean on ponies and rely on chariots because there are many of them and on horsemen because they are very numerous, but do not take notice of the Holy One of Israel nor inquire of Jehovah! 2  yet he too is wise, and has brought disaster and not set aside his words, and will stand up against wrong-doers’ house and against the help of men that commit villainy. 3  And the Egyptians are human beings and not deity, and their ponies are flesh and not spirit; and Jehovah will turn his hand and helper will stumble and helped man will fall, and they will all come to an end together. 4  For Jehovah has said to me “As growls the lion, the old or the young, over its kill, who, when a posse of shepherds meets with him, is not dismayed at their voices nor cowed at their noise, so will Jehovah of Armies come down to campaign on Sion’s mountain and on its hill. 5  Like birds flying, so will Jehovah of Armies shield Jerusalem, shield and rescue, patrol and safeguard. 6  Come back to him from whom the children of Israel have deeply swerved; 7 * for on that day they will man by man discard their gold and silver trumperies that their hands have made for them, 8  and Assyria will fall by swords not of man, and swords not human will devour it, and it will take flight from swords, and its young men will come to serfdom, 9 ** and its crag will pass away for terror, and its captains will be dismayed at a standard, quoth Jehovah who has a fire in Sion and a furnace in Jerusalem.”


31:7 Var. have sinfully made for them
31:9 (first words) Unc.; susp.
31:9 (furnace) Lit. baking-crock