Isaiah 3:1-26

3  For here is the Lord Jehovah of Armies taking away from Jerusalem and from Judah stay and staff, every stay of bread and every stay of water, 2  champion and soldier, judge and prophet and soothsayer and elder, 3  captain of fifty and man of influence and counselor and ingenious artisan and expert charm-singer, 4  and I will make boys their generals, and pestering shall rule them; 5  and the people shall ill-treat each other, man against man, the boy hectoring the old man and the nobody the aristocrat. 6  When a man seizes his brother in his father’s house with “You have a mantle, we will have you for chieftain and this muddle shall be under your hands,” 7  that day he will vociferate “I will not be surgeon; there is no bread and no mantle in my house; you shall not make me chieftain of a people,” 8  because Jerusalem has stumbled, Judah has fallen, because their tongues and their practices confront Jehovah disregarding his glorious eyes. 9  The recognition of their persons indicts them; they announce their sin like Sodom’s, they make no concealment of it. Woe to their hearts! for they have done themselves mischief. 10 * Happy an honest man, because he is kind; for they shall eat the fruit of their practices. 11  Woe to a vicious rascal; for the dealing of his hands shall come back to him. 12 * My people’s commandants are high-handed, and women rule it; my people, your directors misdirect, and have dropped from their memory the course for your travel. 13  Jehovah has taken his stand to contend, and is standing to bring peoples to justice. 14  Jehovah will prosecute the elders of his people and its generals; it is you that have eaten down the vineyard, the goods stolen from the penniless man are in your houses. 15 * What are you about, beating down my people and grinding up poor men’s faces? 16  And Jehovah says “Inasmuch as the daughters of Sion are haughty and go with tilted neck and ogling eyes, go tripping along and making the anklets sound on their legs, 17  the Lord will bring out eruptions on the crowns of the daughters of Sion and Jehovah will denude their crotches. 18  On that day the Lord will remove the magnificence of the anklets and net-bands and crescents, 19  the pendants and bracelets and veils, 20 ** the caps and armlets and ribbons and smelling-bottles and charms, 21  the rings and nose-rings, 22  the full dresses and jackets and shawls and bags, 23  the gauzes and cambrics and the tiaras and mantles. 24  And instead of spice there shall be putridity, and instead of a belt a halter, and instead of curls baldness, and instead of formal dress a sackcloth tied round; branding instead of beauty. 25  Your citizens have fallen by the sword, your manhood by war; 26 * and her gateways grieve and mourn, and she sits despoiled on the ground.


3:10 Codd. Say, an honest Susp.
3:12 Lit. and have swallowed the course
3:15 Var. adds quoth the Lord Jehovah of Armies
3:20 (armlets) Or ankle-chains
3:20 (smelling-bottles) Lit. soul-cases
3:26 Lit. she is cleared (unc.), sits on