Isaiah 27:1-13

27 **** On that day Jehovah will with his great strong hard sword punish Leviathan, elusive snake, and Leviathan, sinuous snake, and will kill the monster in the sea. 2  On that day—A dainty vineyard! sing for it! 3  I Jehovah watch over it; moment by moment I water it; for fear they should molest it, night and day I watch over it. I have no resentment. 4  Would that I had bramble briers to fight! I would stride into them, would set them afire together. 5  Or let him lay hold of my bulwark, make peace with me; peace let him make with me. 6 * In the days that are coming Judah shall root, Israel shall blossom and bud, and they shall fill the face of the world with crops. 7  Has he struck him as those that struck him were struck; has he been killed as were those that had killed him? 8 ** With chasing out, with sending away, you contend with her; he has dislodged her with his hard blast on a day of east wind. 9  So by this Jacob’s guilt shall be purged, and this is all the fruit of removing his sin, when he makes all altar-stones like smashed chalk; asherahs and hammans shall not rise again. 10 * For a fortified city is in solitude, ground untended and forsaken like the wilderness; there calves shall graze and there lie down; and it shall be all brushwood that gets broken 11  when the twigs dry up; women that come in set it ablaze. For it is not a people of sense; therefore its Maker will have no tenderness for it and its Framer will show it no favor. 12  And on that day Jehovah will beat out grain from the tide of the River to Egypt Arroyo, and you shall be gleaned up one by one, sons of Israel. 13  And on that day a great ram-horn will be blown, and in will come those who were lost in Assyria and those who were exiled in Egypt, and do reverence to Jehovah at the sacred mountain, in Jerusalem.


27:1 (elusive) Or rushing
27:1 (sinuous) Or coiling
27:1 (monster) Or dragon
27:1-2 Or in the sea on that day and begin new paragraph with A dainty
27:6 Codd. do not have in and days
27:8 (chasing out) Unc.
27:8 (dislodged) Unc.
27:10-11 Codd. lie down, and shall use up its brushwood; when its twigs dry up it shall get broken