Isaiah 26:1-21

26  On that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah:A strong city is ours;he will set salvationfor walls and rampart. 2  Open gatesfor an honest, loyalnation to enter. 3 * An anchored characteryou will keep safe, safe,because it trusts in you. 4  Trust ever in Jehovah,because in Jehovah, Jehovah,is a Rock eternal. 5  For he has sent downdwellers aloft,a towering city;He brings it low,low to the ground,lays it in the clay. 6  Feet shall tread on it,ill-used men’s feet,poor men’s soles. 7  Level ground is a path for the honest; you steer the honest man’s run. 8 * Give a course to your justice too, Jehovah; we have hoped for you, at your name and at the thought of you, with heart’s desire. 9  Heartily I have desired you in the night, yes, with my inmost spirit I quest after you; for when earth has your judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. 10  Be grace showed to a wicked man, he has not learned righteousness; in a country of fair play he will play foul, and he shall not see Jehovah’s pride. 11 * Jehovah, your hand has gone high—they do not see; let them see and be ashamed; let an unenlightened people’s jealousy run into a trap, yes, let your foes’ fire consume them. 12 * Jehovah, you will do justice so as to give us peace; for so did you achieve all our history for us. 13 * Jehovah our God, masters other than you have had us; you alone we mention, your name. 14  Dead men do not come to life; shades do not stand up; so you have taken them in hand and rooted them out and destroyed all memory of them. 15  You have added to the nation, Jehovah, added to the nation, shown yourself glorious; you have driven far off all the ends of the earth. 16 * Jehovah, in distress we resorted to you; your discipline was a hard pressure on us. 17 * Like a pregnant woman approaching childbirth, taken with pangs and crying out at her pains, such have we been under your hand, Jehovah: 18 * we have been pregnant, we have been taken with pangs, have, as it were, given birth to air; salvations of the earth we have not been achieving, and inhabitants of the world have not been dropping. 19 ** Your dead men shall rise, and those who dwell in the clay shall wake and carol; for your dew is healing to them, and you will bestow the land of shades. 20  Come, my people, go into your chambers and shut yourself in; hide for the least moment, till unfriendliness passes by; 21 ** for here is Jehovah coming out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their guilt, and the earth shall lay bare all the blood in it and no longer cover the killed.


26:3 Lit. a character that rests (on something for support)
26:8 Codd.* On the course of your justice too, Jehovah, we
26:11 Codd. jealousy shall take an unenlightened people
26:12 Lit. will judge (var. install) peace for us
26:13 (last part) Unc.
26:16 Var. was the constraint of a spell laid on us
26:17 Var. omits taken with pangs
26:18 (last half) Unc.
26:19 (is healing) Var. is dew of lights or is dew of vegetables
26:19 (last part) Unc.
26:21 Lit. all its bloods
26:21 Lit. its killed