Isaiah 25:1-12

25  Jehovah, you are my God; I exalt you, I praise your name, because you have done wonders, things purposed far back, in steadfast constancy. 2 * For you have made a city into a heap, a fortified town into a wreck, put a capital of audacious men out of cityhood, not to be rebuilt forever. 3  Therefore a mighty people shall glorify you, a town of arrogant nations shall fear you, 4 ** because you have been a citadel to the poor, a citadel to the needy in his distress, a refuge from squalls, 5 ** a shade from parching, because arrogant men’s breath is like a cold-weather squall, like parching in an arid waste. Audacious men’s hubbub you will bring low; parching, by the shade of a cloud; arrogant men’s music shall sing low. 6  And Jehovah of Armies will on this mountain make all the peoples a banquet of fats, a banquet of ripened wines, marrowy fats, filtered ripened wines, 7 * and on this mountain he will dissolve the face of the wrapping that wraps over all the peoples and the web woven over all the nations. 8  He has dissolved death forevermore; and the Lord Jehovah will wipe off tears from all faces and clear off the ignominy of his people from all the earth, because Jehovah has spoken. 9  And on that day it will be said “Here, this is our God; we were looking for him, to save us; this is Jehovah, we were looking for him; let us jubilate and make merry in his salvation.” 10  For Jehovah’s hand will rest on this mountain; and Moab will be trodden down where it stands, as a heap of straw is trodden down in the water of a dung-pit, 11 * and will spread its arms in the midst of it all as a swimmer spreads them to swim; and he will bring its pride low, with lopping off of its arms. 12  And the beetling battlements of your walls he fells, brings low, lays on the ground in the clay.


25:2 Var. capital of strangers
25:4-5 Conj. that some part, perhaps from because to waste, does not belong here
25:4 Codd. a wall-squall
25:5 Var. strangers’ hubbub
25:5 Or parching in the shade of
25:7 Or the web that shrouds all the
25:11 (lopping) Unc.