Isaiah 23:1-18

23 * The boding for Tyre:The Spain-ships howled because it was sacked; upon coming from Cyprus they had it disclosed to them; 2 ** the inhabitants of Phenicia’s coast of trade were struck dumb. Your messengers went over sea; 3  and on vast waters the crop of the Delta River, the harvest of the Nile, were her garnerings; and she became a mart of nations. 4  Wince with shame, Phenicia, because the sea says, the citadel of the sea, “I have felt no birth-pangs, given no birth; I have not raised youths, had no maidens grow up.” 5  When Egypt has news, they shall be unmanned upon the news from Tyre. 6  Go over to Spain, howl, islanders; 7 * is this what you call a hilarious town whose date is from primeval days, whose feet take her to colonize afar? 8  Who has proposed this against Tyre the crown-giver, whose traders were generals, her merchants magnates of earth? 9  Jehovah of Armies has proposed it, to desecrate the pride of all splendor, to make nothing of all magnates of earth. 10 * (Go through your country like the Nile, daughter of Spain; you no longer have a girdle.) 11  He has stretched out his hand over the sea, has shaken kingdoms; Jehovah has given orders against Phenicia to destroy her citadels, 12  and has said “Never again shall you be gleeful, wronged maiden daughter of Sidon; to Cyprus be off and over, not even there shall you be at rest.” 13 *** (Here is the country of the Chaldeans; there was not the people; Assyria founded it for wildcats; they set up its watchtowers, raised its palaces; he has made it a wreck.) 14  Howl, Spain-ships, because your citadel is sacked. 15  And on that day Tyre will be forgotten seventy years, like the days of one king. At the end of seventy years Tyre’s case will be as in the song of the prostitute: 16  Take a lyre, go round town,you forgotten whore;Play your best, sing hard,to be remembered once more. 17  And at the end of seventy years Jehovah will attend to Tyre, ant she will go back to taking tips and will prostitute herself with all the kingdoms on earth over the world. 18  And her trade and her tips will be sacred to Jehovah, will not be hoarded nor funded; for her trade will accrue to those who live before Jehovah for unstinted eating and for stately wear.


23:1 Var. it was sacked out of house, out of coming in; out of Cyprus Conj. your citadel was sacked; upon coming
23:2 Codd.* Be silent, islanders, traders of Phenicia
23:2 Var. seafarers have filled you
23:7 (first words) Unc.
23:10 Susp.
23:13 Susp.
23:13 Or this was the people, it was not Assyria, that founded
23:13 (wildcats) Or shipmen Or jinns