Isaiah 16:1-14

16  Send a liege lord’s lamb from Wilderness Cliff to the mountain of the daughter of Sion; 2 * for like birds flying wildly about, like a turned-out nest, shall Moab’s daughters on the other side of the Arnon be. 3  “Offer counsel; make interposition; set your shadow like the night in the midst of broad day; conceal strayers, do not disclose a wanderer. 4 * Let Moab’s estrays find a home with you; be for them a screen from havoc-makers; for injustice is over with, havoc is finished, bullies are all gone from the country, 5  and a throne shall be planted by friendliness and on it shall sit in loyalty, in David’s tent, a judge and justice-seeker and a pusher for the right.” 6  We have heard of Moab’s pride, very proud, his pride and conceit and aggressiveness—his fine words are not reliable. 7 * So let Moab howl for Moab, let him all howl; for Kir-Hareseth’s cakes of raisins you shall moan, altogether beaten down. 8 ** For Heshbon’s terraces stand forlorn, wielders of nations have pounded Sibmah’s vine, whose sprays reached to touch Jaʽzer, rambled to the wilderness, its canes ran wild, went over the sea. 9  Therefore with Jaʽzer’s weeping I will weep Sibmah’s vine; I will water you with my tears, Heshbon, and Elealeh; for on your summer fruit and harvest the picker’s whoop has fallen, 10 * and gladness and glee are to be gathered off out of the orchard. And in the vineyards there is to be no shouting, no cheering; the treader is not to tread wine in the presses, the whoop is abolished. 11  Therefore my heart rings like a lyre for Moab, and my bosom for Kir-Heres. 12 * And when Moab makes his appearance at the height, tires himself out going there, and comes to his sanctuary to pray, he will have no success. 13  This was the prediction Jehovah made about Moab once; 14  and now Jehovah predicts “In three years, like the years of a hired man’s contract, Moab’s glory will fall into contempt for all the great host; and there will remain a little bit, nothing big.”


16:2 Codd. at fords of the Arnon’s
16:4 Lit. a bully are
16:7 (last words) Unc.
16:8 Susp.
16:8 (sprays) Unc.
16:10 Var. the whoop I have abolished
16:12 Conj. when Moab tires himself out going to the height