Isaiah 15:1-9

15 * The boding for Moab:Because in a night ʽAr is sacked, all is over with Moab; because in a night Kir is sacked, all is over with Moab. 2 ** The daughter of Dibon has gone up to the heights to weep; Moab is howling on Nebo and on Medeba; on all their heads is baldness, every beard is cut off. 3 ** On its streets they have sackcloths tied round them; on its roofs and in its squares it is all howling, dissolved in tears. 4  And Heshbon cries out, and Elealeh; the sound is heard to Jahas; therefore Moab’s armed men shout, it has its soul cowed. 5 * My heart cries out for Moab; its refugees have sent their voice through to Soghar, “Up Luhith slope they go in tears,” “On the Horonaim road they wake a cry of catastrophe,” 6  “Leopard Water will be a desolation,” “Grass is dried up, vegetation is all gone, no green starts.” 7 ** Therefore he comes off with leavings, and they carry their savings off to Poplar Arroyo. 8 * For the outcry has circled the territory of Moab; the howl of it reaches to Eglaim, the howl of it is at Beer-Elim; 9  for Dimon Water is full of blood; for I will decree additional things against Dimon, for Moab’s fugitives a lion and for the remnant of Admah.


15:1 Codd.* (twice) in the night that (with comma at end of verse)
15:2 Codd. The House and Dibon have
15:2 Or over Nebo and over
15:3 Lit. a sackcloth
15:3 (last words) Lit. running down in weeping
15:5 Codd. her bolts are a third heifer down to Soghar
15:7 Lit. has made leavings
15:7 Conj. Rift Valley Wadi
15:8 Conj. is at Arelaim