Isaiah 11:1-16

11 * But a twig will come out of Jesse’s stump and a sprout will shoot from his roots; 2  and Jehovah’s spirit will rest on him, a spirit of wisdom and discernment, a spirit of resourcefulness and vigor, a spirit of knowledge and fear of Jehovah; 3 * and he will scent by fear of Jehovah, and not judge by what he sees with his eyes nor pronounce his verdict by what he hears with his ears, 4 * but will judge poor men honestly and pronounce verdicts fairly for the humblest of earth; and he will beat down an arrogant man with the cudgel of his mouth and bring death to a lawless man with the breath of his lips. 5  And honesty will be the belt round his waist and faithfulness the loincloth on his hips. 6  And wolf will be sheep’s tenant, and leopard will lie down with kid, and calf and two-year-old lion will feed together, with a little child as driver among them; 7  and cow and bear will make friends, their young will lie down together, and lion will eat straw like ox. 8 ** And sucking babe will play on viper’s hole, and child newly weaned will toddle over cobra’s crevice. 9 * They will not do harm nor havoc in all my sacred highland, because the country has grown full of knowledge of Jehovah as water covers the sea. 10 * And on that day Jesse’s root, that stands for a signal to peoples, will have nations resorting to it, and its rest will be in glory. 11 ** And on that day the Lord will once more lift his hand to get the remnant of his people, that remains out of Assyria and out of Egypt and out of Nubia and out of ʽElam and out of Shinear and out of Hamath, 12  and he will raise a signal to the nations and bring together the exiled men of Israel and gather the scattered women of Judah from the four sides of the earth. 13 ** And Ephraim’s jealousy shall disappear and Judah’s heartburnings come to an end; Ephraim shall not be jealous of Judah nor Judah feel heartburning toward Ephraim; 14  and they shall swoop upon the Philistines’ frontier to the west, together they shall plunder the eastern Beduins, they shall have Edom and Moab at their disposal and the Bene-ʽAmmon obeying their orders. 15 ** And Jehovah will dry off the tongue of the Egyptian sea, and wave his hand over the River with his parching wind and strike it into seven streams and let people go there in sandals. 16  And there shall be a highway for the remnant of my people that remain out of Assyria, like the one there was for Israel on the day of their coming up out of Egypt.


11:1 Var. a sprout from his roots will bear; and
11:3 Lit. his scenting shall be by the fear of Jehovah Conj. that these words do not belong in the text
11:4 Codd. beat down earth with
11:8 (toddle) Codd. guide (unc.) his hand
11:8 (crevice) Unc.
11:9 Or the earth has
11:10 Lit. its resting-place shall be glory
11:11 Codd. will a second time add his hand
11:11 Var. Hamath and out of the seacoast countries
11:13 Codd.* Judah’s antagonists
11:13 Or feel antagonism
11:15 (parching wind) Unc.
11:15 Lit. let people go in sandals