Hosea 9:1-17

9  Do not make merry exultantly like the peoples, Israel, because you have prostituted yourself to be disloyal to Jehovah; you have loved the prostitute’s gain on every threshing-floor of grain. 2  Threshing-floor and wine-vat shall not feed them, and grape-juice shall disappoint them; 3  they shall not live in Jehovah’s country, but Ephraim shall go back to Egypt and they shall eat unclean food in Assyria. 4 ** They shall not pour libations of wine to Jehovah, not lay out their sacrifices for him; their sacrifices shall be to them like trouble-bread, whose eaters all become unclean, because their bread is for their appetites, it is not to come into Jehovah’s house. 5  What will you do on the anniversary day, the day of Jehovah’s feasts? 6 ** because they are gone owing to rapine, Egypt is to gather them, Memphis is to bury them; their silver attractions nettles shall possess, briers be in their homes. 7 * The days of punishment have come, the days of retribution have come, Israel shall know; the prophet is an ignoramus, the inspired man a lunatic, because of the excess of your guilt. 8  Ephraim’s watchman with my God suffers great spite; the prophet has fowlers’ traps on all his paths, spite in his God’s house; they have dug his pit deep. 9 * As in Gibeah’s days he will remember their guilt, will punish their sins. 10 *** I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness, I saw your fathers like an early fig on the tree at the first of its crop; they came to Baal-Peghor and performed rites to the Shame and became objects of disgust as they loved to. 11 * Ephraim’s glories are taking flight like a bird: off from birth, off from expectations of birth. 12 * If they do raise their children I will bereave them of every human being; yea, woe to them when I go back from them. 13 * Ephraim has stocked himself with daughters for a foe; Ephraim has to bring out his sons to a killer. 14  Give them, Jehovah—what will you give? give them a miscarrying womb and shriveled breasts. 15  All their wickedness is at the Gilgal; because there I learned to hate them for the viciousness of their practices, I will expel them from my house, will love them no longer; all their generals are incorrigibles. 16  Ephraim is smitten; their roots are dried up, no fruit will they produce. Even if they have T children I will bring death to their welcome offspring. 17  My God will reject them because they did not listen to him, and they shall be wanderers among the nations.


9:4 Codd. nor be sweet to him; their sacrifices are to them like
9:4 Conj. for him; their bread is like trouble-bread
9:6 Conj. because there they go to Assyria, Memphis is to bury them, their
9:6 Unc.; codd. their silver has attraction; nettles shall possess them
9:7-8 Susp.; codd. and there is great spite; Ephraim is a watchman with my God.
9:9 Codd. they have gone deep in viciousness
9:10 Conj. Beth-Peghor
9:10 Conj. to the Baal
9:10 Or like what they loved
9:11 Lit. from birth, from belly, and from conception
9:12 Codd. go off (misspelled) from them
9:13 Codd. Ephraim,—as I saw, for Tyre planted in a pasture,—Ephraim has to