Hosea 8:1-14

8 * they fly like a vulture against Jehovah’s house—since they have violated my covenant and been rebellious against my instructions. 2  They cry to me “My God”; we know you, Israel. 3  Israel has repudiated what is good; an enemy will pursue them. 4  They have set up kings, but not from me; a government, and I did not know it. Their silver and gold they have made into idols, to have it swept away. 5  Your calf, Samaria, is repudiated; I am angry with them—how long will they be incapable of innocence? 6 * because it comes from Israel, a mechanic has made it, it is not a god.—For Samaria’s calf shall go to splinters. 7 * For they sow wind and reap whirlwind; it all has no stalk, a greenery that will yield no meal—or if it should, outsiders would swallow it. 8  Israel is swallowed up; now they have become among the nations like an unwanted piece of furniture. 9 * For they have gone up to Assyria, a wild ass running alone; to Egypt they have given love-gifts. 10 * When they do give among the nations, now I will gather them and they shall begin a small part of the burden of the king of princes. 11 * Because Ephraim has made many altars for sin-offerings, they have had them as altars for offering sins. 12 * I would write down for them my multitudinous instructions; they have been rated a sickening thing. 13 * They sacrifice meat as broiled sacrifices and eat it; Jehovah has not accepted them; now he will remember their guilt and punish their sins: they shall go back to Egypt. 14 * And Israel has forgotten his Maker and built temples, and Judah has fortified many a city; but I will send a fire into his cities and it shall devour his palaces.


8:1 (oppress them) Or crowd them hard
8:6 (end) Unc.
8:7 Codd. meal; maybe it does, outsiders swallow it
8:9 Codd. running all alone; Ephraim have given love-gifts
8:10 Susp.
8:11 Codd.* made many altars to sin, they have had them as altars to sin (var. as beloved altars) Susp.
8:12 Susp.
8:13 Codd.* sacrifice sacrifices of broiled meat
8:14 Or built halls