Hosea 7:1-16

7  When I am coming back to my people, when I am healing Israel, Ephraim’s guilt is laid bare, and Samaria’s mischiefs; for they practice falsehood, thief comes in, raiders are on the foray outside. 2  And they do not say to themselves I have remembered all their viciousness, their practices are besetting them now, they are under my eye. 3 * In their wickedness they make a king merry, in their deceitfulness generals; 4 * they are all carrying on adultery. They are like a baking-crock with a fire in it, whose baker leaves off quickening it up from the kneading of dough till it rises. 5 * On our king’s day they have made generals sick with heat from wine; he dragged his hand with cynics. 6 * For they brought their hearts on like a baking-crock in their ambush; all night their anger is asleep, in the morning it burns like a blazing fire. 7  They all grow hot like a baking-crock, and eat up their judges: all their kings have fallen, there is no one that calls on me among them. 8  Ephraim is getting stirred in among the nations; Ephraim has come to be an unturned cake. 9 * Outsiders have eaten up his strength without his knowing it; even white hair has shot up on him, without his knowing it. 10  And Israel’s pride testifies to his face; and they have not gone back to their God Jehovah, nor looked to find him, for all this. 11  And Ephraim has come to be like a brainless unwary pigeon: they call Egypt, they go to Assyria. 12 * While they are going I will spread my net over them, bring them down like birds of the air, cage them for trouble like quails. 13  It is woe to them, because they have lost touch with me; it is spoliation for them, because they have rebelled against me; and I was ransoming them and they made lying talk against me, 14 *** and they did not cry to me in their hearts when they were howling on their beds, lodging away from home on account of grain and grape-juice, turning in to lodge with me. 15 * And I had disciplined, strengthened their arms, and they were thinking up evil against me. 16 ** They turned back to the Baal; they have become like an unreliable bow; their generals are falling by the sword owing to the hostility of their tongue (that is, their scurrilous language). In their own country foes oppress them;


7:3 Conj. they anoint a king
7:4 Codd.* carrying on adultery, like a baking-crock kept on fire by a baker; he leaves off
7:5-6 Susp.
7:6 Codd.* their baker is asleep, in the morning be makes up the like of a blazing fire
7:9 Codd. has splashed on him
7:12 (end) Codd. chastise them like hearsay to their congregation Var. chastise them at the hearsay of their distress
7:14 Or on their prayer-rugs Or on their places of prostration
7:14 (lodging away from home) Unc.; var. gashing themselves
7:14 (turning in to lodge with me) Unc.; conj.* showing stubbornness against me
7:15 Var. And I had strengthened their arms Conj. And I had disciplined their arms
7:16 Codd. back to what is not above or back to what does no good
7:16–8:1 Codd. language) in Egypt. To your throat a ram-horn! like a vulture