Hosea 6:1-11

6 * Come, let us get back to Jehovah, because it was his pounce maimed us, he wounds and will bandage us. 2 * He will make us well in two days, the third day he will have us standing up, to be alive before him and know him. 3 ** Let us strive to know Jehovah; like gray dawn, his coming up is ready; and he will come to us like rain, like spring rains watering earth. 4  What shall I do with you, Ephraim? what shall I do with you, Judah? your friendliness is like a morning cloud and like dew that goes off the first thing in the morning. 5  Therefore I have hewed with prophets, killed them with the say of my mouth; and my judgment comes out like daylight, 6  that I take pleasure in friendliness, not in sacrifice, and in acquaintance with God rather than in burnt-offerings. 7 * But they have broken treaty at Adam; there they have played me false; 8 * Gilead is a town of villains, tracked with blood; 9 * and as a man hides seed-corn priests have hid my ways; they have murdered at Shekem because they were committing enormity. 10 * In the house of Israel I have seen a horror; there Ephraim had prostitution, Israel was defiled; 11 ** Judah too has fixed a harvest for you.


6:1 Conj. and he wounded and
6:2-3 Codd.* before him, and to know, to strive
6:3 Conj. to know Jehovah; as we go in quest of him, so shall we find him; and be will
6:3 Codd. like spring rains, fall rains, to earth
6:7 Codd. But, manlike, they have broken treaty; there
6:8 (tracked) Unc.
6:9 Susp.; codd. your strength is men of raiding bands, priests have hid a way, they have murdered at Shekem Var. as a man delays for raiding bands a union of priests murders on the way to Shekem
6:10 Conj. At Bethel I have seen
6:11 Unc.; susp.
6:11 Or Am restoring my