Hosea 12:1-14

12 ** 12:2 Ephraim is a wind-eater, an east-wind-chaser; all day long they pile up lies and shams, and they make treaties with Assyria and take oil to Egypt. 2  12:3 Jehovah has a quarrel with Judah, to give Jacob a punishment to match his courses, a return to match his practices. 3 * 12:4 In his mother’s body he caught his brother’s heel, and in his prime he struggled with God; 4  12:5 he struggled with an angel and succeeded; he wept and begged him for grace; he was to find him at Bethel and there he was to speak with him. 5  12:6 But Jehovah is the God of Armies; Jehovah is his proper name; 6 * 12:7 and you are to come back by your God. Attend to friendliness and justice, and hope toward your God always. 7  12:8 Canaan has cheating balances in his hands; he loves to overreach. 8  12:9 And Ephraim thinks “I have got downright rich, I have made a fortune”; all that he has got by his work will not suffice for the guilt he has incurred. 9  12:10 But I am your God Jehovah since Egypt; I will set you to living in tents again as you do in the days of an annual feast, 10 * 12:11 and I will speak to prophets, having myself given many a vision, and by prophets I will whisper. 11 ** 12:12 If Gilead is villainy, they have become downright futile; at the Gilgal they sacrifice to demons; yes, and their altars are like stone-heaps over furrows in the field. 12 * 12:13 And Jacob emigrated to the plains of Syria, and Israel worked for a wife, and for a wife he kept guard; 13  12:14 and by a prophet Jehovah brought Israel up from Egypt, and by a prophet he was guarded. 14  12:15 Ephraim has given bitter provocation, and his Lord will leave his blood on him and return his taunts to him.


12:2 Var. lies and rapine
12:2-3 Codd.* and oil is taken to Egypt; and Jehovah
12:4 (caught his brother’s heel) Unc.
12:7 Conj. come back to your tents
12:11 (whisper) Or allegorize. Susp.
12:12 Conj. With Gilead or At Gilead
12:12 Codd. they sacrifice bulls; yes
12:13-14 The words for and by, as used here, are the same word in Hebrew