Hosea 11:1-12

11 * When Israel was a child I loved him, and I called his sons out of Egypt. 2 ** The more I called them, the more they went off from me: they sacrificed to the Baals, they made burnings to the carvings. 3  And I had taught Ephraim to walk, taken them in my arms; but they did not know I healed them. 4 *** I drew them with human lines, with ropes of love, and was to them like one that lifts up a yoke on their cheeks; and I bent down to it, mastered it. 5  He goes back to Egypt, and Assyria is his king, because they refused to come back. 6 ** And swords dance in his cities and annihilate his bragging, and their designs eat them up. 7 *** And his people are dangling with his apostasies; they call him upward, not a bit does he mount. 8 * How am I to give you away, Ephraim, to hand you over, Israel? How am I to make you like Admah, render you like Seboim? the thought overwhelms me, my sympathies are all in a fever. 9 * I will not act out my anger, I will not go back to making away with Ephraim; for I am deity, not man, a Holy one in your midst, and will not come in passion. 10  They shall go after Jehovah like a lion that roars; for he will roar, and sons will be startled from the sea, 11  they will be startled from Egypt like a sparrow and from Assyria like a pigeon, and I will settle them in their homes, quoth Jehovah. 12 * 12:1Ephraim encircles me with deceit, and the house of Israel with fraud, but Judah is still ranging with Deity and faithful with the Holy.


11:1 Var. my son
11:2 Var. The more they called them
11:2 Or they sacrifice to the Baals, they make
11:4 Susp.
11:4 Conj. off their cheeks
11:4-5 Var. bent down to it, gave food. He shall not go back to
11:6 Or annihilate his limbs
11:6 Codd.* and shall eat from their designs Var. and they shall eat from their designs Conj. and shall eat their citadels
11:7 Susp.
11:7 Conj. are tired out with
11:7 Lit. he altogether does not mount (codd.* does not uplift)
11:8 Lit. my heart overwhelms me
11:9 (end) Susp.
12:1 (last half) Susp.