Hebrews 5:1-14

5  For every high priest, taken from among men, is appointed on men’s behalf in their relations to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins, 2  being able to take a reasonable attitude toward those who blunder and stray since he too is beset by weakness 3  and because of it is obliged to offer sin-offerings on his own account just as he does on the people’s. 4 * And one does not take the honor to himself but enters upon it at God’s call in the same way as Aaron did. 5 ** In this same way the Christ did not glorify himself into the office of high priest, but he who spoke to him in the words “You are my son, I have this day brought you to birth,” 6  as he says in another passage too “You are a priest forever in such station as Melchisedek’s was.” 7  Who, having in his days of flesh offered with strong outcries and tears both petitions and supplications to him who could save him from death, and having been listened to for his godliness, 8 * learned obedience by suffering, Son though he was, 9  and, perfected, became for all who obey him the author of an eternal salvation, 10  being addressed by God as a high priest “in such station as Melchisedek’s was.” 11  —About whom we have much to say, and hard to explain in the saying, since you have come to be dull-eared— 12 * for when you ought to be teachers on account of the time that has elapsed, you are again in need of having someone teach you the primary elements of God’s oracles, and have come to be in need of milk, not of solid food. 13 * For anyone who takes milk is unversed in the discussion of righteousness; for he is an infant, 14  but solid food is for grown men, those who from experience have their senses exercised for discrimination between good and bad.


5:4 Lit. to himself, but called by God, in the same way as Aaron. In
5:5 Lit. glorify himself to become a high priest
5:5 Lit. spoke to him “You are
5:8 Lit. learned obedience out of what he suffered
5:12 Lit. the elements of the beginning of
5:13 Lit. partakes of milk