Ezekiel 6:1-14

6  And Jehovah’s word came to me, 2  “Man, face toward the mountains of Israel and prophesy to them 3  and say ‘Mountains of Israel, listen to the Lord Jehovah’s word: says the Lord Jehovah to the mountains and the hills and the gorges and the valleys, Here I am bringing swords against you, and I will destroy your heights 4  and your altars shall be desolated and your hammans broken, and I will have your slain fall before your fetishes 5  and will scatter your bones around your altars; 6 * in all your domiciles the cities shall be ruined and the heights lie desolate, in order that your altars may be ruined and your fetishes broken and your hammans cut down; 7  and stabbed men shall fall in your midst, and you shall know that I am Jehovah 8  by having among the nations some that escape from the sword when I scatter you through the countries; 9 * and in the nations to which they have been carried off those of you who escape will remember their heart that prostituted itself to ignore me and their eyes that prostituted themselves to follow their fetishes, and will feel a loathing for their own faces at all their abominations, 10  and will know that it was not for nothing that I Jehovah threatened to do them this mischief. 11 * “‘Says the Lord Jehovah, Clap your hands and slap your leg and say “Ha! Ha!” over all the abominations of the house of Israel, that they are to fall by sword, by starvation, and by pestilence. 12 * The one far away shall die by pestilence, and the one nearby shall fall by sword, and the one in the siege shall go off by starvation, and I will wreak my ire on them; 13  and you shall know I am Jehovah by their slain’s being among their fetishes around their altars on every high hill and under every verdant tree in the place where they have given a grateful odor to all their fetishes. 14 * And I will stretch out my hand against them and make the country a desolation and a horror from wilderness to Riblah, in all their domiciles, and they shall know I am Jehovah.’”


6:6 Hammans perhaps means pillars sacred to the sun
6:9 Codd. remember me that I have been broken by their heart
6:11 Var. the wicked abominations of
6:12 Var. shall die by starvation
6:14 (from wilderness to Riblah) Unc.; most of codd. more than the wilderness of Riblah