Ezekiel 47:1-23

47  And he took me back to the entrance of the house, and I found water coming out from under the eastward threshold of the house,—for the house fronted east,—and the water was running out from under the right side of the house, south of the altar. 2 * And he took me out by way of the north gate, and round on the outside to the eastward-facing gate of the court, and I found water trickling out from the south side. 3  When the man came out on the east he had a line in his hand; and he measured a thousand cubits and took me across through ankle-deep water. 4  And he measured a thousand and took me across through knee-deep water; and he measured a thousand and took me across through waist-deep water; 5  and he measured a thousand—a stream I could not cross, because the water had swollen to swimming depth, an impassable stream. 6  And he said to me “Do you see, man?” and took me on a walk and back to the bank of the stream. 7  When I came back I found on the bank of the stream very many trees on each side. 8 * And he said to me “This water goes out to the eastward mark and down on the Rift Valley and into the sea to the foul water, and the water shall be made wholesome, 9 ** and all live creatures that swarm along to anywhere that the stream of it comes shall live, and the fish shall be very abundant, because this water has come there and it is made wholesome. 10  And fishermen shall stand along it; from ʽEn-ʽGedi to ʽEn-ʽEglaim shall be a drying-ground for nets; the fish of it shall be of the different kinds like the fish of the great sea, very abundant. 11 * Its morasses and swamps shall not be reclaimed; they are given for salt. 12  And by the stream, on each bank of it, shall come up all trees good for food; their leaves shall never wilt and their fruit shall never come to an end; they shall bear fresh fruit monthly, because their water comes out of the sanctuary; and their fruit shall be for food and their leaves for medicine.” 13 * Says the Lord Jehovah, This is the boundary according to which you are to include the country in your estate for the twelve tribes (Joseph two shares) of Israel. 14  And you shall take the estate of it share and share alike, inasmuch as I pledged myself to give it to your fathers, and the country falls to you as estate. 15 * And this is the boundary of the country: on the north side from the great sea the road to Hethlon, Lebo-Hamath, Sedadah, 16 * Hamath, Berothah, Sibraim, between the boundary of Damascus and that of Hamath, Hasar-ʽEnon on the boundary of Hauran. 17  And the boundary shall be from the sea to Hasar-ʽEnon at the north boundary of Damascus, and on the north the territory of Hamath. This is the north side. 18 * And on the east side, between Hauran and Damascus and the Gilead and the country of Israel, the Jordan forms the boundary to the East Sea at Tamar. This is the east side. 19 * And the Negeb side, to the south, is from Tamar to Meriboth-Kadesh Water to Rhinocorura on the great sea. This is the south side toward the Negeb. 20  And on the west side the great sea forms the boundary to opposite Lebo-Hamath. This is the west side. 21 * And you shall divide this country among you by tribes of Israel. 22 *** And you shall allot it for estates to yourselves and the immigrants who live among you, who have had children among you, and you shall treat them the same as one native-born among the sons of Israel: 23  they shall be allotted estates with you among the tribes of Israel; and whatever tribe the immigrant is living with, there you shall give his estate, quoth the Lord Jehovah.


47:2 Var. found the water
47:8 (the foul water) Susp.
47:9 Codd. that a pair of streams come Var. that the stream comes
47:9 Var. made wholesome, and everything where the stream comes shall live. And fishermen
47:11 Or given to salt
47:13 Or are to be assigned the country for the twelve
47:15 Var. the road Hethlon Conj. Hadrac, Hethlon
47:16 Var. Hasar-hatticon
48:18 (shall run even with the sacred contribution) Susp.
48:19 Lit. shall carry it on out of
48:21 Conj. twenty-five thousand on the east to the east boundary
48:22 Susp.
48:22 Codd. and from the Levites’ property and from the city property shall
48:22 Var. to the prince. Between the territories of Judah and of Benjamin it shall belong to the prince