Ezekiel 45:1-25

45  “‘And in allotting the land for estates you shall set off a contribution for Jehovah, a sacred part of the land, in length twenty-five thousand and in breadth twenty thousand; it is sacred throughout its bounds on all sides; 2  and of this there shall go to the sacred part five hundred by five hundred, a square in all directions, and fifty cubits of glebe for it on all sides. 3  And out of this measurement you shall measure in length twenty-five thousand and in breadth ten thousand, and in it shall be the sanctuary, the holiest of the holy. 4 * It is a sacred part of the land; it shall belong to the priests who officiate in the sanctuary, those who stand near to officiate for Jehovah; and they shall have it as a place for houses and a glebe for stock. 5  And twenty-five thousand in length and ten thousand in breadth shall be for the Levites, the servitors of the house, to be their property for cities to live in. 6  And as the property of the city you shall give five thousand in breadth and in length twenty-five thousand, paralleling the sacred contribution; it shall belong to the whole house of Israel. 7  And the prince shall have on each side of the sacred contribution and of the property of the city, running in line with the sacred contribution and the property of the city westward on the west and eastward on the east and in length corresponding to one of the shares, from western boundary to eastern of the country, 8  and he shall have it for a property in Israel, and my princes shall not again extort revenues from my people. And the land they shall give to the house of Israel tribe by tribe. 9  “‘Says the Lord Jehovah, You have gone far enough, princes of Israel; away with outrage and rapine and do what is lawful and right; lift off your sequestrations off my people, quoth the Lord Jehovah. 10  Have fair scales, a fair ephah, and a fair bath. 11  The ephah and the bath are to be of one standard, the ephah to hold a tenth of the homer and the bath a tenth of the homer; the ephah is to be standardized to the homer. 12  And the shekel shall be twenty gerahs; five shekels shall be five and ten shekels ten, and fifty shekels shall be a maneh for you. 13  “‘This is the contribution you are to make: a sixth of an ephah out of a homer of wheat, and a sixth of an ephah out of a homer of barley, 14 * and the dues of oil, a tenth of a bath out of a cor,—for ten baths are a cor,— 15 * and of the sheep and goats one animal out of two hundred out of Israel’s livestock, for grain-offering and burnt-offering and welfare-sacrifices, to purge you, quoth the Lord Jehovah. 16  All the populace shall be charged with this contribution for the prince in Israel, 17  and the prince shall be charged with the burnt-offerings and the grain-offering and the libations at the feasts and the new moons and the sabbaths and all the appointed dates of the house of Israel. He shall do the sin-offering and the grain-offering and the burnt-offering and the welfare-sacrifices to purge the house of Israel 18  “‘Says the Lord Jehovah, In the first month, on the first of the month, you shall take a faultless steer of horned cattle and clear away sin from the sanctuary. 19 * And the priest shall take some of the blood of the sin-offering and put it on the doorposts of the house and on the four corners of the block of the altar and on the doorposts of the gate of the inner court. 20 * And you shall do the same on the seventh of the month, for blunderer and for simpleton, and purge the house. 21  In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, you shall have the passover, a feast when matzoth shall be eaten for a week; 22  and on that day the priest shall do a sin-steer for himself and for all the populace, 23  and for the seven days of the feast he shall do a burnt-offering to Jehovah of seven faultless steers and seven faultless rams per day for the seven days, and a sin-offering of an old goat a day; 24  and a grain-offering of an ephah to a steer and an ephah to a ram, and oil a hin to an ephah. 25  In the seventh month, at the fifteenth day of the month, at the feast, he shall do the same as this through the seven days, the same sin-offering and the same burnt-offering and the same grain-offering and the same oil.


45:4 Codd. a glebe (var. sanctuary) for the sanctuary
45:14 Codd. and the rate for oil, the bath, the oil, a tenth of
45:15 Codd. Israel’s watered land Var. Israel’s clans
45:19 (twice) Var.* doorpost
45:20 Var. in the seventh month at the new moon