Ezekiel 43:1-27

43  And he took me to the gate that faced toward the east, 2  and there was the glory of the God of Israel coming from the eastward; and the sound of it was like the sound of a great water, and the earth shone with his glory. 3 * And the sight I saw looked like the sight I had seen when he came to make away with the city, and sights like the sights I had seen by the river Kebar. And I threw myself down on my face, 4  and Jehovah’s glory came into the house by way of the gate that faced toward the east. 5 * And a wind picked me up and brought me into the inner court, and there was the house full of Jehovah’s glory; and I stood still, 6 ** and there was a voice out of the house speaking to me, while the man stood beside me, 7 * and saying to me “Man, you have seen the place of my throne and the place of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the sons of Israel forever; and the house of Israel shall not again defile my hallowed name, they and their kings, by their prostitution and the corpses of their kings at their deaths, 8 * by their putting their threshold with mine and their doorpost alongside mine, with just the wall between them and me, and defiling my hallowed name by the abominable things they did commit and I consumed them in my anger. 9 * But now they shall take their prostitution and the corpses of their kings far away from me, and I will dwell in their midst forever. 10 * “Do you, man, tell the house of Israel about the house, and have them humiliated at their guilt; and its measurements and its form. 11 * And, if they have a sense of humiliation at everything they have done, outline the house and its arrangement and its exits and entrances and all its pattern, and make known to them all its usages and pattern and all the ruling for it, and write it before their eyes, that they may keep all its pattern and usages and live up to them. 12  This is the ruling for the house: on top of the mountain all its territory on all sides shall be holiest of the holy. This, then, is the ruling for the house. 13 ** “And these are the measurements of the altar (in the cubits a cubit is a cubit and a handbreadth): its bed a cubit, and a cubit in breadth, and rim all round its edge, one span. And this is the body of the altar: 14  from the bed on the ground as far as the lower block two cubits, and in breadth one cubit, and from the lesser as far as the greater block four cubits, and the breadth of it a cubit; 15 * and the hearth four cubits, and from the hearth upward the horns, four of them; 16 * and the hearth twelve in length by twelve in breadth, foursquare, 17 * and the block fourteen in length by fourteen in breadth on its four sides; and the rim round it, half a cubit, and the bed of it a cubit all round. And its steps faced east.” 18  And he said to me “Man, the Lord Jehovah says, These are the rites for the altar on the day when it is made, for offering burnt-offering on it and throwing blood against it. 19  You shall give to the Levite priests who are descendants of Sadok, who are near me, quoth the Lord Jehovah, to officiate in my service, a steer of horned cattle for a sin-offering, 20  and you shall take some of its blood and put it on its four horns and on the four corners of the block, and clear away sin from it and purge it. 21  And you shall take the sin-steer and burn it in the tract assigned to the temple outside the sacred area. 22  And on the second day you shall present a faultless he-goat for a sin-offering, and they shall clear away sin from the altar as they did with the steer. 23  When you finish clearing away the sin you shall present a faultless steer of horned cattle and a faultless ram; 24  you shall present them before Jehovah, and the priests shall throw salt on them and offer them as a burnt-offering to Jehovah. 25  For seven days you shall do a goat a day as sin-offering, and they shall do a faultless steer of horned cattle and a faultless ram. 26  They shall be seven days purging the altar and purifying it and installing it; 27  and, the days being finished, on the eighth day and thenceforth the priests shall do your burnt-offerings and welfare-sacrifices on the altar and I will accept you, quoth the Lord Jehovah.”


43:3 Var. when I came
43:5 Or a spirit
43:6 Var. glory; and I heard one speaking to me out of the house, while
43:6 Var. a man
43:7 Var. my name shall dwell Conj. I will have my name dwell
43:8 Lit. with the wall
43:9 Var. anger. Now let them take
43:10 Codd. guilt; and its looks and form Var. guilt; and let them measure a form
43:11 Susp.
43:13, 14, 17 (bed) Or curbstone
43:13 (body) Var. height
43:15 Or and to the hearth
43:16 (foursquare) Unc.
43:17 Conj. that words in the middle of this verse have been lost in copying