Ezekiel 42:1-20

42 * And he brought me out to the inner court on the side toward the north, and brought me to the vestry-house opposite the yard and opposite the building on the north. 2  On the lengthwise front were the hundred cubits, the north front, and the breadth was fifty cubits. 3 * Opposite the twenty of the inner court and opposite the pavement of the outer court was gallery paralleling gallery in the third story. 4  And before the vestries there was a walk ten cubits in breadth to the inner, in length a hundred cubits; and their doors were on the north. 5 * And the topmost vestries were narrower, because galleries bit away more from those than from the lower and middle ones in construction. 6 * For they were in three stories, and they had no pillars like the pillars of the court; for this reason some of the area that the lower and middle ones had was set off. 7  And there was a fence for the outside along the vestries toward the outer court, parallel to the vestries, fifty cubits long; 8  for the outer-court length of the vestries was fifty cubits, but they themselves were along their face a hundred cubits in all. 9  And underneath these vestries was the entrance from the east as one came to them from the outer court, at the head of the court partition-wall. 10 ** Toward the east there were vestries along the yard and along the building, 11  and a pathway before them, in the fashion of the vestries toward the north, like them in length and breadth and all egresses and arrangement, 12  and like their doors the doors of the vestries toward the south, a door at the head of a pathway, a pathway along the front of the partition-wall, properly toward the east as one entered them. 13 * And he said to me “The north vestries and the south vestries along the yard are the sacred vestries where the priests who are near to Jehovah are to eat the holiest of the holy things; there they are to set down the holiest of the holy things, the grain-offering and the sin-offering and the expiation-offering, because the place is sacred. 14  When they, the priests, go in, they are not to go out from the sanctuary to the outer court, but here they are to deposit their garments in which they officiate, because they are sacred, and put on other garments and come near what belongs to the people.” 15  And, having finished measuring the inner house, he brought me out by way of the gate that faced toward the east and measured it all round. 16 * He measured on the east with the measuring-reed five hundred by the measuring-reed, 17  and went round and measured on the north five hundred by the measuring-reed, 18  and went round, measured on the south five hundred by the measuring-reed, 19  and went round to the west, measured five hundred by the measuring-reed, 20  toward the four winds he measured. And it had a wall all round, length five hundred and breadth five hundred, to mark off the sacred from the secular.


42:1 Var. outer court
42:3 Or ledge paralleling ledge
42:5 Or ledges
42:6 Lit. there was set off from (or more than) the lower and middle ones some from the ground
42:10-12 Susp.
42:10 Var. Toward the east
42:13 Codd. and the grain-offering
42:16-19 Lit. measured the east wind . . . measured the north wind . . . measured the south wind . . . round to the west wind Var. puts verse 19 before verse 18