Ezekiel 41:1-26

41  toward the jambs, one on each side. And he brought me to the temple and measured the jambs, six cubits in breadth on each side, and the breadth of the portal, 2  ten cubits, and the cheeks of the portal, five cubits on each side. And he measured its length, forty cubits, and its breadth, twenty cubits. 3  And he went inside and measured the jamb of the portal, two cubits, and the portal, six cubits, and the cheeks of the portal, seven cubits on each side. 4  And he measured its length, twenty cubits, and its breadth, twenty cubits, as it faced the nave, and said to me “This is the holiest of the holy.” 5  And he measured the wall of the house, six cubits, and the breadth of the by-room, four cubits, round the house all round. 6 *** And of the by-rooms, by-room to by-room, there were thirty three times; and the by-rooms had the recesses in the house wall to constitute hold-fasts, so that there should be no hold-fasts in the wall. 7 * And the by-rooms had increasing breadth and circumference up and up, in accordance with the increase of the house all round the house, whereby the house broadened upward. And from the lowermost you went up to the uppermost by the midmost. 8 * And the house had visible a paved terrace all round the foundations of the by-rooms, a full reed, six cubits, sideways. 9  The outer wall-breadth of the by-room was five cubits, and what was left free between the by-room structure of the house 10  and the vestries was in breadth twenty cubits round the house on all sides. 11  And the by-room doors gave on what was left free, one door toward the north and one door southward; and the width of the space of what was left was five cubits all round. 12  And the building along the yard on the side toward the west was seventy cubits wide; and the wall of the building was five cubits wide all round, and its length was ninety cubits. 13  And he measured the house, a hundred cubits long; and the yard and the building and its walls, a hundred cubits long; 14  and the width of the front of the house, and the yard on the east, a hundred cubits. 15 * And he measured the length of the building along the yard back of it, and its galleries on each side, a hundred cubits.And the nave and the inmost part and the outside porch 16 ** had the thresholds and the closed windows and the galleries round the three, opposite the threshold, sehif (wood) all round. And from the floor to the windows (and the windows were covered), 17 * to above the entrance, and to the inner house, and outside and all over the wall all round, inside and out, 18  was made the likeness of cherubs and palm trees, a palm tree between cherub and cherub; and there were two faces to a cherub, 19  a human face toward the palm tree on this side and a two-year-old lion’s face toward the palm tree on that side, made all over the house all round; 20 * from the ground to above the entrance the cherubs and the palm trees were made. And the wall of the nave was set with square pilasters. 21 * Before the sanctuary was what had the appearance 22  of a wooden altar three cubits in height, and its length was two cubits and its breadth two cubits, and it had its corners; and its base and walls were wood. And he spoke to me: “This is the table that is before Jehovah.” 23  And the nave had two doors and the sanctuary two doors; 24 * the doors had two door-pivots, two to one door and two to the other door. 25  And there were made on them, on the nave doors, cherubs and palm trees such as were made for the walls. And there was a wooden platform along the outer front of the porch, 26 * and there were closed windows and palm trees on each side on the flanks of the porch. And the by-rooms of the house and the platforms . . .


41:6 Var. of the by-rooms there were by-room to by-room thirty-three times
41:6 Conj. by-room over by-room
41:6 Unc.
41:7 Susp.
41:8 Or six cubits to the elbow
41:15 and 16 (galleries) Or ledges Unc.
41:16 (sehif) Said to be a dark-colored wood
41:16 Codd. And the floor to
41:17 Codd. inside and out, were measures; and there was made
41:20-21 Codd. were made, and the wall of the nave. The nave was square pilasters Var. were made. And the sanctuary and the nave opened back foursquare
41:21-22 Lit. was an appearance like the appearance of (var. the appearance was like the appearance of)
41:24 Or had two door-bands
41:26 The last part of the verse has been lost in copying