Ezekiel 29:1-21

29 * In the year ten, in the tenth month, on the twelfth of the month, Jehovah’s word came to me 2  “Man, face toward the Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and prophesy of him and of all Egypt; 3 * speak and say ‘Says the Lord Jehovah, Have at you, Pharaoh, king of Egypt, great crocodile lying in the middle of your Nile, that say “My Nile is mine, I made it!” 4  I will put hooks in your cheeks and have the fish of your Nile stick to your scales, and draw you up out of your Nile with all the fish of your Nile sticking to your scales, 5  and fling you out in the wilderness, you and all the fish of your Nile; you shall fall on the open range, not be brought home nor appropriated; I give you for food to the beasts of the earth and the birds of the air. 6  And all that live in Egypt shall know that I am Jehovah,“‘Since you were a reed cane to the house of Israel, 7 * splitting and cutting open all their shoulders when they used you by hand, and breaking and letting all their backs suddenly give way when they leaned on you, 8  therefore the Lord Jehovah says, Here I am bringing swords upon you, and will exterminate from you man and beast, 9  and Egypt shall become a desolation and a waste, and they shall know that I am Jehovah.“‘Since you say “Nile is mine, I made it,” 10  therefore have at you and your Nile! I will make Egypt a waste and a desolation from Migdol to Aswan and the boundary of Nubia. 11  There shall not pass through it foot of man, and foot of beast shall not pass through it, and it shall not be inhabited, forty years; 12  I will make Egypt most desolate among desolate countries, and among wasted cities her cities shall be most desolate, forty years; and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations and sprinkle them around through the countries.’ 13  “For the Lord Jehovah says, At the end of forty years I will gather the Egyptians out of the nations among which they were scattered, 14  and will bring Egypt back from captivity and return them to the country of Pathros, their original country, and there they shall be an abject kingdom; 15  it shall be the most abject of kingdoms, and shall not again lift itself up over the nations; and I will decrease them so that they will not lord it among the nations. 16 * And the house of Israel shall not again have such a basis of confidence as draws attention to their guilt by their turning to follow them, and they shall know that I am Jehovah.” 17 * And in the year twenty-seven, in the first month, on the first of the month, Jehovah’s word came to me 18  “Man, King Nebucadnessar of Babylon had his forces do a great piece of work at Tyre; every head was worn bald and every shoulder smooth; and he and his forces got no pay out of Tyre for all the work he did against her. 19  So the Lord Jehovah says, Here I am giving King Nebucadnessar of Babylon the country of Egypt, and he shall lay hands on its affluence and carry off its booty and lift its plunder, and his forces shall get pay. 20  As his earnings that he worked for I have given him the country of Egypt, inasmuch as he was acting for me, quoth the Lord Jehovah. 21  On that day I will have the house of Israel grow a horn, and to you I will give freedom to open your mouth among them, and they shall know that I am Jehovah.”


29:1 Conj. year thirty, in the twelfth
29:3 Lit. My Niles are mine, I made them
29:7 Var. their hands when they took you in hand
29:16 Lit. have for a base of confidence one that draws Unc.
29:17 Conj. year thirty-one