Ezekiel 27:1-36

27  And Jehovah’s word came to me 2  “And for your part, man, strike up a dirge over Tyre, 3 * and say to Tyre, her that sits at the entrances of the sea, trader of the peoples to many a coast, ‘Says the Lord Jehovah: Tyre, you are a ship perfect in beauty. 4  In the heart of seas is your domain; your builders have perfected your beauty. 5  They built cypresses from Senir in for all your planks; they took a cedar from Lebanon to make a mast for you; 6 * they made your oars of oak trees from Bashan; they made your pilot-house of ivory in savin timber from Cyprian coasts. 7 * Fine embroidered linen from Egypt was your sail, to serve you as ensign; violet and purple from Sicilian coasts was your awning. 8  The inhabitants of Sidon and Arvad were rowers for you; your own experts, Tyre, were in you, they were your sailors. 9  The veterans and experts of Gebal were in you as your calkers; all the vessels of the sea and their mariners were in you to handle your traffic. 10 * Persia and Lud and Put were in your force as your fighting men; they hung shield and helmet on you; they gave you your stateliness. 11 ** The sons of Arvad and Helec were on your bulwarks all round, and there were Gammadites in your towers; they hung their bucklers on your bulwarks; they completed your beauty. 12  “Spain was your customer for all your goods: with silver, iron, tin, and lead they gave you a market. 13  Greece, Tubal, and Moshc were your traders: with human beings and articles of bronze they gave you traffic. 14 * From the house of Togarmah ponies, horses, and mules gave you a market. 15 * The sons of Rhodes were your traders; the people of many coasts were your agents; they paid tusks of ivory and ebony as your percentage. 16 ** Edom was your customer because of your abundant products: with bloodred garnets and embroidery and lawn and pearls and fire-opals they gave you a market. 17 * Judah and the country of Israel, they were your traders: with wheat and gum and beeswax and honey and oil and balm they gave you traffic. 18 * Damascus was your customer for your abundant products, for all your goods: Helbon wine and Sahar wool and wine they gave for your wares. 19 * From Uzal plate-iron and cassia and sweet flag were in your traffic. 20  Dedan was your trader in saddle-blankets. 21  Arabia and all the princes of Kedar were your agents: they dealt with you in lambs and rams and goats. 22 * The traders of Sheba and Raʽamah were your traders: with the finest of spice and with all precious stone and gold they gave you a market. 23 * Haran and Canneh and ʽEden were your traders; Assyria, all the Medes, were your traders; 24 ** these were your traders in figured dress-goods, in violet and embroidered wraps and in art rugs, in whipped and tarred cordage, in your bazaar. 25  Spain-ships forwarded your traffic, and you grew full and very heavy on the high seas. 26  “Your rowers have taken you into deep water; the east wind has broken you on the high seas. 27 * Your goods and your wares, your traffic, your sailors and your navigators, your calkers and your traffic-handlers, and all your fighting men that you had on board, and all your company that was in you, will be plunged into the deep sea on the day of your foundering. 28 * At the sound of your sailors’ shrieking, harbors quiver; 29  and all that pull an oar, navigators, all the sailors of the sea, get down out of their ships, stand on the land, 30  and raise their voices over you and cry out bitterly and put earth over their heads, daub themselves with ashes, 31  and shave their heads bald for you, and tie sackcloths round them, and weep over you in bitter wailing with aching hearts, 32  and strike up a dirge over you in their lamenting and sing your funeral song, ‘Who is like Tyre, her who has come to her end in mid-ocean? 33  When your wares came in from the seas you gave many peoples their fill; with your great wealth and traffic you enriched the kings of earth. 34  Now you are wrecked at sea, in the deep water; your traffic and all your company have gone to the bottom in you. 35  All the inhabitants of the foreign coasts are aghast at you; their kings feel their hair standing on end, their faces are ashen; 36  merchants among the peoples whistle over you. You have become a wraith, and there is nothing of you forever.’”


27:3 Codd. you have said ‘I am perfect in beauty.’ Conj. you have said ‘I am a ship perfect in beauty.’
27:6 (pilot-house) Unc.
27:7 (awning) Or pavilion
27:10 (Persia) Susp.
27:11 (Helec) Susp.
27:11 (Gammadites) Unc.; susp.
27:14 Var. ponies and horses gave
27:15 Lit. traders; many coasts were
27:16 (fire-opals) Unc.
27:16 (garnets) Unc.
27:17 Codd. with Minnith wheat and pannag and honey (Minnith is an ʽAmmonite locality; pannag is an unknown word)
27:18 (last part) Susp. Var. all goods; with Helbon wine and Sahar wool and Dan and Greece from Uzal (or some word of like spelling) they gave for your wares
27:19 (plate-iron) Unc.
27:22 (finest) Unc.
27:23 Susp.
27:24 Unc. several words; perhaps instead of art the name of some kind of fiber
27:24 (in your bazaar) Var.* in them was your trade
27:27 Var. fighting men, and all your company
27:28 (harbors) Unc.