Ezekiel 24:1-27

24 * And Jehovah’s word came to me in the year nine, in the tenth month, on the tenth of the month, 2 * “Man, set down the name of the day, this precise day: the king of Babylon began operations against Jerusalem this very day. 3  And give the disobedient house a parable: say to them ‘Says the Lord Jehovah, Set the pot on its stones; set it on, and pour in water too; 4 * get pieces together to it, every best piece, thigh and shoulder; fill it with choice bones. 5 ** Take the choicest of the sheep, and stack up the bones under it too; bring it to a boil, stew the bones too within it. 6  “‘So the Lord Jehovah says, Woe to it, bloody city, pot with its grime on it, whose grime has not come off! they took out what was in it piece by piece, no lots were cast over it, 7  because it had its blood in it, had deposited it on the bald top of a crag, had not poured it on the earth to let loam cover it over. 8 * To bring up ire for inflicting vengeance I have put its blood on the bald top of a crag not to be covered. 9  So the Lord Jehovah says, Woe to it, bloody city! I too will make the stack great, 10 * putting in plenty of wood, setting the fire going, using up the meat and boiling down the broth 11  and setting it on its coals empty to be heated and have its bronze glow and have its foulness melt, its grime be used up, 12 ** —and its mass of grime will not come out of it, its stinking grime. 13  For your designed defilement, since I cleaned you and you did not become clean from your defilement, you shall not be clean again till I slake my ire on you; 14 * I Jehovah have spoken, it has come, and I will act; I will not be neglectful nor have mercy nor repent. In accordance with your courses and your practices they have judged you, quoth the Lord Jehovah.’” 15  And Jehovah’s word came to me 16  “Here, man, I am taking from you with a stroke what you took most delight in seeing, and you are not to wail or weep or let tears come. 17 * Choke, be silent, make no mourning for the dead; tie your headdress and put on your sandals, and do not cover your mustache nor eat trouble-bread.” 18  And I spoke to the people in the morning, and my wife died in the evening, and in the morning I did as I had been commanded to. 19  And the people said to me “Will you not tell us what these things mean for us, that you are doing them?” 20  And I said to them “Jehovah’s word came to me, 21  ‘Say to the house of Israel “Says the Lord Jehovah, Here I am desecrating my sanctuary, the pride of your powers, what you took most delight in seeing and took most pains to keep safe, and your sons and daughters that you left shall fall by the sword. 22  And you will do as I did, not cover your mustaches nor eat trouble-bread, 23  wear your headdresses and your sandals, not wail or weep, but molder away in your guilt and groan to each other. 24  And Ezekiel shall be a portent to you: just as he did you shall do. When it comes, you will know that I am Jehovah.” 25  “‘And will not you, man, on the day when I take from them their stronghold, their joy in their magnificence, what they took most delight in seeing, and what most occupies their minds, their sons and daughters, 26  on that day have a man who has got away come to you to let you hear 27  with your own ears? on that day have your mouth opened with the man who got away, and speak and no longer be dumb? and you shall be a portent to them, and they shall know that I am Jehovah.’”


24:1 Conj. year thirty
24:2 Conj. that verse 2 does not belong here
24:4 Var. get the pieces for it together to it
24:5 Var. Take some of the choicest of
24:5 Lit. make its boilings boil Var. make the pieces in it boil
24:8 Or For bringing up ire, for inflicting vengeance, I
24:10 Var. broth—and the bones will get hot—and setting
24:12 Conj. and the stink of its grime will not come out of it. For
24:12 (its stinking grime) Codd.* its grime is in fire
24:14 Var. I have judged you, quoth Var. I will judge you, quoth
24:17 Var. nor eat men’s bread