Ezekiel 19:1-14

19 * “And you, man, strike up a dirge for the prince of Israel 2  and say ‘What was your mother? a lioness: she lay at ease among young lions, she reared her cubs. 3 * And she elevated one of her cubs, who became a young lion and learned to make a kill; he ate men. 4  And they summoned nations against him; he was caught in their pitfall; and they brought him to Egypt by hooks. 5 ** “‘And she saw that her hope at first was lost, and she took one of her cubs, made him a young lion, 6  and he went about among lions, became a young lion, and learned to make a kill; he ate men. 7 * And he broke their palaces and wasted their cities, and earth and all that filled it stood aghast at the sound of his roar. 8 * And nations set toils for him all round and spread their nets for him, and he was caught in their pitfall, 9 * and they put him in a cage by hooks and he came to Babylonia; they took him into fortresses, in order that his voice might not be heard again on the mountains of Israel. 10 * “‘Your mother was like a grapevine on a pomegranate tree set out by water, which became fruitful and branchy by abundant water; 11 * and it had a strong stem for a princely scepter, whose tallness reached up between clouds, and which was conspicuous by its height by the abundance of its shoots; 12  but it was uprooted in ire, thrown on the ground, and the east wind dried out its fruit; its strong stem was broken off and dried out, fire consumed it. 13  And now it is planted in the wilderness, in a country of drought and thirst; 14  and a fire has gone out from its stem, has consumed its canes, and it has not in it a strong stem, a scepter for ruling. This is a dirge and has come to be a dirge.’”


19:1 Var. princes
19:3 Var. one of her cubs mounted, became
19:5 Codd. was delayed, was lost
19:5 Var. another of her cubs
19:7 Or and a country and all
19:8 Codd. all round out of provinces and spread
19:9 (first part) Susp.
19:10 (on a pomegranate tree) Susp.
19:11 Or reached up through foliage