Ezekiel 11:1-25

11 * And a spirit took me up and brought me to the eastward-facing east gate of Jehovah’s house; and there at the gate were twenty-five men, and I saw in their midst Jaazaniah the son of ʽAzzur and Pelatiah the son of Benajah, the captains of the people. 2  And he said to me “Man, these are the men who plan villainies and advocate a harmful policy in this city, 3  who think ‘Founding families is pretty near us, isn’t it? This is the kettle and we are the meat!’ 4  So prophesy to them, prophesy, man,” 5  —and Jehovah’s spirit fell on me and he said to me “Say ‘Says Jehovah, So you think, house of Israel, and I know your trains of thought. 6 * You have done many to death in this city, and filled its streets with victims. 7  So the Lord Jehovah says, Your victims that you have made in it, they are the meat and it the kettle; but you I will take out from it. 8  You are afraid of swords, and swords I will bring upon you, quoth the Lord Jehovah; 9  and I will take you out from it and put you in the hands of aliens, and execute justice on you. 10 * By swords you shall fall; on Israelite territory I will judge you, and you shall know that I am Jehovah. 11  This shall be no kettle of yours, nor you meat within it; on Israelite territory I will judge you, 12  and you shall know that I am Jehovah, by whose usages you have not gone and whose laws you have not lived up to, but lived like the laws of the nations around you.’” 13  And while I was prophesying, Pelatiah the son of Benajah died, and I threw myself on my face and cried loudly “O, O, Lord Jehovah, you are making an end of the remnant of Israel!” 14  And Jehovah’s word came to me 15 * “Man, your brothers, the men of your deportation, and all the whole house of Israel, of whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem are saying ‘They are far from Jehovah; the country is given to us for a possession’ 16  —so the Lord Jehovah says, Though I have sent them far among the nations and though I have scattered them among the countries, I have become for them a temporary sanctuary in the countries they have come to. 17  So the Lord Jehovah says, And I will gather them out of the peoples and bring them in out of the countries among which I scattered them, and will give them the soil of Israel, 18  and they shall come in there and throw out from it all its disgustments and all its abominations; 19 * and I will give them a new heart and put a new spirit into them, and throw out the stone hearts out of their bodies and give them hearts of flesh, 20  in order that they may go by my usages and keep my laws and live up to them, and I may have them for my people and they may have me for their God. 21 * But these have their hearts going after their disgustments and abominations; I have brought their courses down on their own heads, quoth the Lord Jehovah.” 22  And the cherubs raised their wings, with the wheels abreast of them and with the glory of the God of Israel above them. 23  And Jehovah’s glory went up off the interior of the city and stood on the mountain east of the city. 24 ** And a spirit took me up and brought me to Chaldea to the exiles, in the appearance, by the spirit of God; and the appearance I had seen went up off me. 25  And I spoke to the exiles all Jehovah’s words that he had shown me.


11:1 Or a wind
11:6 Lit. have made many in this city those you had killed by violence, and filled its avenues with killed men
11:10 Or at the boundary of Israel I will
11:15 Codd.* to whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem are saying “Keep away from
11:19 Var. another heart Var. one heart
11:21 Var. But their heart is going to the heart of their disgustments and
11:24 (middle part) Susp.
11:24 Var. I went up off the appearance I had seen