Ezekiel 10:1-22

10  And I saw and found on the plate over the cherubs’ heads something like a sapphire in the shape of a throne appearing over them. 2 * And he said to the man dressed in linen “Go in between the rollers, under the cherub, and take a double handful of live coals from between the cherubs and throw them over the city”; and he went in before my eyes. 3  And the cherubs were standing to the right of the house when he, the man, went in; and the cloud filled the inner court. 4 * And Jehovah’s glory ascended from the cherubs to the threshold of the house, and the house filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the radiance of Jehovah’s glory. 5  And the sound of the cherubs’ wings was heard to the outer court, like the voice of El Shaddai when he speaks. 6  And when he gave the man dressed in linen the order “Take fire from between the rollers, from between the cherubs,” he went in and stood beside a wheel, 7 ** and reached out his hand to the fire between the cherubs and took some and went out. 8 * And the cherubs had visible under their wings the figure of human arms. 9  And I saw and found four wheels beside the cherubs, a wheel beside a cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like the look of a yellow jasper. 10  And their appearance, the four having one semblance, was as if there should be a wheel through the middle of a wheel. 11  In going they went toward all four quarters; they did not turn as they went, because to the place that the head faced toward they followed it; they did not turn as they went. 12 *** And all their flesh, and their backs and arms and wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes all round, their wheels for the four of them. 13  The wheels, they were called rollers in my hearing. 14 * —— 15  And the cherubs ascended: that was the creature I saw at the river Kebar. 16 * And when the cherubs went the wheels went beside them, and when the cherubs raised their wings to ascend from the earth their wheels too did not swerve from beside them; 17 * when those stood they stood, and when those ascended they ascended with them, because they had the creature’s spirit in them. 18  And Jehovah’s glory went out from the threshold of the house and stood over the cherubs. 19 * And the cherubs raised their wings and ascended from the earth before my eyes as they went out, with the wheels abreast of them; and they halted at the east gate of Jehovah’s house, with the glory of the God of Israel above them. 20  That was the creature I had seen under the God of Israel at the river Kebar; and I knew they were cherubs. 21  Each had four faces and each four wings, and they had the semblance of human arms under their wings. 22 * And the semblance of their faces was the faces I had seen by the river Kebar; and they, they went each toward the side it faced.


10:2 Var. between the rollers under the cherubs and take
10:4 Lit. off from the cherubs
10:7 Var. and the cherub reached out his hand from between the cherubs to the fire between the cherubs
10:7 Codd. took some up and put it in the bosom of the man dressed in linen, and he took it and went out Conj. took some up and put it in the bosom of his dress, and took it and went out
10:8 Conj. that verse 8 does not belong here
10:12-13 Susp.
10:12 Var. went. And their backs and arms or went. And their rims and spokes
10:12 Var. omits the last seven words
10:14 Var. adds verse 14 And they had four faces apiece: the first was a cherub’s, and the second was a man’s, and the third was a lion’s, and the fourth was a vulture’s.
10:16 Var. the wheels
10:17 Lit. when they stood they stood, and when they
10:19 Lit. over them above
10:22 Var. Kebar, their appearance and them; they went