Exodus 9:1-35

9  And Jehovah said to Moses “Go in to the Pharaoh and tell him ‘Says the Hebrews’ God Jehovah, Let my people go to worship me. 2  For if you refuse to let them go, and still hold on to them, 3  here is Jehovah’s hand on your stock in the field, the ponies and the donkeys and the camels and the cows and the sheep and goats, a very severe outbreak of disease. 4  And Jehovah will distinguish between the Israelites’ stock and the Egyptians’ stock, and of all that belongs to the sons of Israel nothing shall die. 5  And Jehovah has set a date, “Tomorrow Jehovah will do this thing in the country.”’” 6  And Jehovah did this thing the next day, and all the Egyptians’ stock died, but of the stock that belonged to the sons of Israel not one died. 7  And the Pharaoh sent and found that of the Israelites’ stock not one had died; but the Pharaoh was haughty and would not let the people go. 8  And Jehovah said to Moses and Aaron “Take double handfuls of soot from a kiln, and let Moses toss it up into the air in the Pharaoh’s sight; 9  and it shall become a dust-cloud all over Egypt, and it shall become an eruption of pustules on man and beast throughout Egypt.” 10  And they took the kiln-soot and stood before the Pharaoh and Moses tossed it up into the air, and it became an eruption of pustules on man and beast; 11  and the scholars could not stand before Moses owing to the eruption, because the eruption was on the scholars and on all the Egyptians. 12  But Jehovah made the Pharaoh headstrong, and he would not listen to Moses, as Jehovah had predicted to Moses. 13  And Jehovah said to Moses “The first thing in the morning take your stand before the Pharaoh and say to him ‘Says the Hebrews’ God Jehovah, Let my people go to worship me. 14 * For this time I am sending all these plagues of mine upon you and your officers and people for the sake of your knowing that there is no one like me in all the earth. 15  For I would now have put out my hand and struck you and your people with a pestilence, and you would have been extirpated from the earth, 16  but I let you stand for this sake, for the sake of showing you my power, and in order that my fame may be told of throughout the earth. 17 * You are still thwarting my people, not letting them go: 18  here I am going to shower down a very heavy hailstorm at this time tomorrow, such as there has never been in Egypt from the day it was founded to now. 19  Now send and get your stock under cover, and everything you have in the field: whatever men and beasts are found in the field and not taken into the house the hail will come down on, and be their death.’” 20  Those of the Pharaoh’s officers who feared Jehovah’s word hustled their slaves and stock into the houses, 21  and those who did not pay attention to Jehovah’s word left their slaves and stock in the field. 22  And Jehovah said to Moses “Stretch your hand out to the sky and let there be hail throughout Egypt on man and beast and on the herbage of the field in Egypt.” 23 * And Moses stretched his stick out toward the sky, and Jehovah gave thunder and hail, and fire ran on the ground; and Jehovah showered hailstones on Egypt, 24  and there was hail and dancing fire amid the hail, very heavy, such as there had never been in Egypt since it became a nation. 25  And throughout Egypt the hail struck down whatever was in the field, both man and beast; and the hail struck down all the herbage of the field and broke the branches of every tree in the field; 26  only in the country of Goshen, where the sons of Israel were, there was no hail. 27  And the Pharaoh sent and summoned Moses and Aaron and said to them “I did amiss this time; Jehovah is in the right and I and my people in the wrong. 28  Intercede with Jehovah and let us have no more sounds of God’s voice and hail, and I will let you go, you shall stay no longer.” 29 * And Moses said to him “When I go out of the city I will spread out my hands to Jehovah: the sounds shall cease, and there shall no longer be the hail, in order that you may know that the earth belongs to Jehovah. 30  But you and your officers I know will not yet stand in fear of God Jehovah.” 31  And the flax and the barley had been struck down, because the barley was showing ears and the flax was in bud; 32  but the wheat and the spelt had not, because they are late. 33  And Moses went out of the city from the Pharaoh’s presence and spread out his hands to Jehovah, and the sounds and the hail ceased, and no rain poured down on the earth. 34  And the Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the sounds had ceased, and went on sinning, and acted haughtily, he and his officers. 35  And the Pharaoh was headstrong and would not let the sons of Israel go, as Jehovah had predicted through Moses.


9:14 Codd. all my plagues to your heart and upon your officers and people
9:17 (thwarting) Unc.
9:23 (ran) Unc.
9:29 Var. the hail and the rain