Exodus 22:1-31

22 * “When a man steals an animal and butchers it and sells it, he shall pay five for one of horned cattle and four for one of sheep or goats. 2  If the thief is caught breaking in and is struck dead, there is no bloodguilt on his account; 3  if the sun had risen on him, there is; he must pay—if he has not enough he is to be sold for his theft. 4 * If the stolen property, of horned cattle or donkeys or sheep or goats, is found in his hands alive, he shall pay two for one. 5  “When a man is having a field or vineyard eaten down and lets out the cattle and they eat down in another field, he shall pay in the best produce of his own field or vineyard. 6  When a fire gets away into thorn-stalks and consumes grain in stacks or standing, or wild growth, the one who lighted it must pay for the burning. 7  “When a man gives another man money or articles to keep, and it is stolen out of the man’s house, if the thief is caught he shall pay double; 8  if the thief is not caught the owner of the house shall present himself to God as to whether he has not put his hand to the other man’s stock. 9  For every question of delinquency regarding bull or cow, donkey, sheep or goat, blanket, or any missing thing that is said to be identified, the case of both parties shall be brought to God: the one that God finds to be in the wrong shall pay double to the other. 10 * “When a man gives another man an animal to keep, and it dies or breaks a bone or is taken by raiders, no one seeing it, 11  there shall be between them an oath by Jehovah as to whether he has not put his hand to the other man’s stock, and its owner shall receive it and he shall not pay. 12  But if it be stolen from him he shall pay the owner. 13  If it falls a prey to wild beasts he shall bring it as evidence; he shall not pay for the damage of wild beasts. 14  “And when a man borrows from another man, and it breaks a bone or dies, its owner not being with it, he must pay. 15  If its owner was with it, he shall not pay. If it was hired, it came for its hire. 16  “And when a man inveigles an unbetrothed maiden and lies with her, he must pay for her and marry her. 17  If her father refuses to give her to him he shall pay the price of a maiden in cash. 18  “You shall not let a witch remain alive. 19  “Anyone who lies with a beast shall be put to death. 20 * “One who sacrifices to other gods shall die without quarter. 21  “And an immigrant you shall not ill-treat nor oppress, because you were immigrants in Egypt. 22  Any widow or orphan you shall not victimize; 23  if you do, if he cries out to me I shall hear his cry 24  and be angry and kill you in war, and your wives shall be widows and your children orphans. 25 * “If you advance money to your neighbor in trouble you shall not be like a professional moneylender to him. You shall not charge him interest; 26  if you take your neighbor’s cloak as a pawn you shall return it to him by sunset, 27  because it is his only covering, it is his blanket for his skin; what is he to sleep in? and when he cries out to me I will listen, because I am kindly. 28  “You shall not talk scurrilously of God nor curse a prince in your people. 29  “You shall not be backward in delivering your fillings and your tricklings. You shall give me the firstborn of your sons. 30  You shall do the same with your horned cattle and your sheep and goats: seven days it shall be with its mother, and on the eighth day you shall give it to me. 31  “You shall be hallowed men of mine, and not eat flesh out on the range, killed by beasts; you shall throw it to the dogs.


22:1 Lit. steals a bull or cow or sheep or goat
22:4 Lit. without for one
22:10 Lit. a donkey or bull or cow or sheep or goat or any animal
22:20 Var. One who sacrifices to gods shall die without quarter, except to Jehovah only.
22:25 Codd. my people in trouble (var. your brother in trouble)