Exodus 16:1-36

16  And they marched from Elim, and all the sons of Israel came to the wilderness of Sin, which lies between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month from their coming out of Egypt. 2  And all the congregation of the sons of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, 3  and said to them “It would have been a good thing if we had died by Jehovah’s hand in Egypt when we sat by the pots of meat and ate all the bread we wanted to; for you have brought us out into this wilderness to have all this assembly die of starvation.” 4  And Jehovah said to Moses “Here, I am going to rain bread out of the sky for you, and the people shall go out and pick up each day’s supply on that day, so that I may test you to see whether you will go by my instructions or not; 5  but on the sixth day they shall lay in a provision of what they bring in, which shall be double what they pick up day by day.” 6  And Moses and Aaron said to all the sons of Israel “At evening you shall know it was Jehovah that brought you out of Egypt, 7  and at morning you shall see Jehovah’s glory, as he hears your complaints against Jehovah—what are we that you should complain against us?” 8  and Moses said “by Jehovah’s giving you in the evening meat to eat and in the morning bread to fill you full, as Jehovah hears your complaints that you are making against him—who are we? your complaints are not against us but against Jehovah.” 9  And Moses said to Aaron “Say to all the congregation of the sons of Israel ‘Come up before Jehovah, because he has heard your complaints.”’ 10  But while Aaron was speaking to all the congregation of the sons of Israel they turned round toward the wilderness and found that Jehovah’s glory had appeared in the cloud. 11  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 12  “I have heard the complaints of the sons of Israel; tell them ‘In the evening hours you shall eat meat and in the morning you shall have a full meal of bread, and you shall know that I am your God Jehovah’” 13  And in the evening the quails came up and covered the camp; and in the morning there was a fall of dew around the camp, 14 * and when the fall of dew evaporated they found overspreading the wilderness a thin flaky deposit, thin as hoarfrost on the ground. 15  And the sons of Israel saw it and said to each other “It is man” [this being a word in some language for what], because they did not know what it was. And Moses said to them “That is the bread Jehovah has given you for food. 16  This is the order Jehovah gives: pick it up in amounts proportional to each one’s eating; a ghomer per head, by count of persons, you shall each take for those in his house.” 17  And the sons of Israel did so, and picked it up, some more and some less; 18  and they measured it in a ghomer, and the one who had taken more had no surplus and the one who had taken less had no shortage; each had picked up in proportion to his eating. 19  And Moses said to them “Let nobody leave any of it over till morning.” 20  But they did not listen to Moses, and some left some of it over till morning, and it was all over worms and smelt badly; and Moses was incensed at them. 21  And they picked it up morning by morning, each in proportion to his eating, and then the sun grew hot and it melted away. 22  And on the sixth day they picked up double food, two ghomers apiece; and all the princes of the congregation came and reported it to Moses. 23  And he said to them “It is what Jehovah promised: tomorrow is sabbath rest, a sacred sabbath of Jehovah’s; bake what you are to bake and boil what you are to boil and lay the surplus by for keeping till morning.” 24  And they laid it by till morning as Moses commanded, and it did not smell badly and there were no worms in it. 25  And Moses said “Eat it today, because Jehovah has a sabbath today, today you will not find it on the countryside. 26  Six days you are to pick it up, but on the seventh day there is sabbath, there will not be any on it.” 27  And on the seventh day some of the people went out to pick up and did not find any. 28 * And Jehovah said to Moses “How long do you refuse to keep my commandments and instructions? 29  See, because Jehovah has given you the sabbath, therefore he is giving you two days’ bread on the sixth day; stay where you each are, let no one go away from his place on the seventh day.” 30  And the people kept sabbath on the seventh day. 31  And the house of Israel named it “manna”; and it was like white coriander seed, and its flavor was like crackers with honey. 32 * And Moses said “This is the order Jehovah gives: a ghomerful of it to be kept generation after generation in order that your posterity may see the bread I fed you on in the wilderness when I brought you out of Egypt.” 33  And Moses said to Aaron “Take a vase and put a ghomerful of manna there and deposit it before Jehovah to be kept generation after generation.” 34 * And Aaron did as Jehovah had commanded Moses, and deposited it before the congregation to be kept. 35  And the sons of Israel ate the manna forty years till they came to a settled country; they ate the manna till they came to the edge of Canaan. 36  And a ghomer is a tenth of a bushel.


16:14 (flaky) Or granulated
16:28 Conj. And Moses said
16:32 Lit. a ghomerful of it for a deposit for your generations, in order that they may see
16:34 Lit. without the words And Aaron did