Exodus 11:1-10

11 * (And Jehovah said to Moses “One more calamity I will bring on the Pharaoh and on Egypt; after that he will let you go from here. When he does let you go he will altogether expel you from here. 2  Give the people the word to ask their acquaintances for articles of silver and of gold.” 3  And Jehovah gave the people favor in the eyes of the Egyptians; Moses’s personal prestige in Egypt, too, was very great among the Pharaoh’s officers and all the people.) 4  And Moses said “Says Jehovah, At midnight I am going out among the Egyptians, 5  and every firstborn in Egypt shall die, from the Pharaoh’s firstborn who was to sit on his throne to the firstborn of the housemaid behind the mill, and all the firstborn of cattle, 6  and there shall be a great outcry throughout Egypt such as there never was nor will be again; 7 * but against any of the sons of Israel not a dog shall put out his tongue, man or beast, that you may all know that Jehovah distinguishes between the Egyptians and the Israelites. 8  And all these officers of yours will come down to me and do me reverence and say ‘Go out, you and all the people you have at your back’; and after that I will go out.” And he went out from the Pharaoh’s presence in angry mood. 9  And Jehovah said to Moses “The Pharaoh will not listen to you, in order that there may be many of my miracles in Egypt”; 10  and Moses and Aaron did all these miracles before the Pharaoh, but Jehovah made the Pharaoh headstrong and he would not let the sons of Israel go out of his country.


11:1 (last part) Susp.
11:7 Unc.