Exodus 10:1-29

10  And Jehovah said to Moses “Go in to the Pharaoh, because I have made the Pharaoh and his officers haughty in order that I may set these tokens of mine in among them, 2  and that you may tell in the hearing of child and grandchild the tale of how I did my will on the Egyptians, and the tokens I exhibited among them, and may know that I am Jehovah.” 3  And Moses and Aaron went in to the Pharaoh and said to him “Says the Hebrews’ God Jehovah, How long are you refusing to give in before me? let my people go, to worship me; 4  for if you refuse to let my people go, here I am going to bring grasshoppers into your territory tomorrow, 5  and they will cover the surface of the earth and it will not be possible to see the earth; and they will eat up whatever is left you of remnant that escaped the hail, and eat up out of the fields all the sprouting wood you have, 6  and fill your own houses and all your officers’ houses and the houses of all the Egyptians,—such as your fathers and forefathers had never seen from the day when they came into existence on earth to this day.” And he turned round and went out from the Pharaoh’s presence. 7  And the Pharaoh’s officers said to him “How long are we to have the fellow for a deathtrap? let the men go to worship their God Jehovah; do you not know yet that Egypt is ruined?” 8  And Moses and Aaron came back to the Pharaoh, and he said to them “Go worship your God Jehovah: just who is it that are to go?” 9  And Moses said “We shall go with our boys and our old men, we shall go with our sons and our daughters, with our sheep and our cattle, because we have Jehovah’s feast to keep.” 10  And he said to them “So be Jehovah with you as I will let you go women and children and all: look out, you are headed toward trouble. 11  No, go you men and worship Jehovah—that is what you have been asking for.” And they drove them out from the Pharaoh’s presence. 12  And Jehovah said to Moses “Stretch out your hand over Egypt for the grasshoppers, to have them come up over Egypt and eat all the herbage of the ground, everything the hail has left.” 13  And Moses stretched out his stick over Egypt, and Jehovah directed an east wind on the country all that day and all that night; as morning came the east wind was carrying the grasshoppers. 14  And the grasshoppers came up all over Egypt and lighted all through the territory of Egypt in a great mass; there had never before been such a flight of grasshoppers as that, and there never will be again. 15  And they covered the surface of the earth, and the earth grew dark; and they ate up all the herbage on the ground and all the fruit on the trees that the hail had left, and there was no green left, on trees or in herbage on the ground, in all Egypt. 16  And the Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron in haste, and said “I have done amiss against your God and against you; 17  but now pardon my sin this once and intercede with your God Jehovah that he may rid me of just this death.” 18  And Moses went out from the Pharaoh’s presence and interceded with Jehovah, 19  and Jehovah brought round a very strong west wind which carried the grasshoppers off and plunged them in the Red Sea; there was not one grasshopper left in all the territory of Egypt. 20  But Jehovah made the Pharaoh headstrong, and he did not let the sons of Israel go. 21  And Jehovah said to Moses “Stretch out your hand toward the sky and have darkness come on Egypt and set them groping in darkness.” 22  And Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and there came a murky darkness throughout Egypt for three days: 23  one man could not see another, and they did not stand up from the place where each was for three days; but all the sons of Israel had light in their places of residence. 24  And the Pharaoh summoned Moses and said “Go worship Jehovah, only let your sheep and cattle be kept in place; your women and children may go with you too.” 25  But Moses said “We must both have you hand over sacrifices and burnt-offerings to us for us to offer to our God Jehovah 26  and have our stock go out with us, not a hoof remaining behind, because we are to take some of it for worshiping our God Jehovah and we do not know with what we are to worship Jehovah till we get there.” 27  But Jehovah made the Pharaoh headstrong and he was not willing to let them go. 28  And the Pharaoh said to him “Take yourself off; see to it that you do not see my face again, because on the day that you see my face you shall die.” 29  And Moses said “As you say; I will never again see your face.”