Deuteronomy 33:1-29

33  And this is the blessing Moses the man of God pronounced on the sons of Israel before his death. 2 ** Said he, “Jehovah came from Sinaiand rose in the sky from Seʽir for them,Beamed from the highland of Paranand came from Meribah-of-Kadesh,from the right hand of the steep of Moab. 3 *** He cared for his people,all his sacred ones, with his own hand;And they fell in behind you,took up words of yours 4  (a code Moses commanded to us). His possession is the assemblage of Jacob, 5  and he became king in JeshurunWhen heads of the people came together,the tribes of Israel unitedly.” 6  “Live Reuben long, not die,but be his people few.” 7 * And this is for Judah; and he said“Hear Judah’s voice, Jehovah,and bring him in to his people;His own hands took his part,and a help against his foes you will be.” 8 ** And for Levi he said“Give to Levi your Thummim,your Urim to the man of your friendship,Whom you tested at Massah,embroiled at Meribah Water, 9  Who said of his father and of his mother‘I never saw him’and did not recognize his brothersnor know his sons,Because they have kept your sayand observe your covenant. 10  Let them instruct Jacob in your lawsand Israel in your code,Lay burning under your nostriland holocaust on your altar. 11  Bless his valor, Jehovah,and accept his handiwork;Shatter the loins of those who stand up against himand those who hate him, beyond their standing up.” 12 * For Benjamin he said“Jehovah’s darling shall dwell in safety:He overarches him all dayand dwells between his shoulders.” 13 * And for Joseph he said“Blessed of Jehovah be his countryBy dower of sky aboveand by the deep that lies prostrate beneath, 14 * By dower of crops of sunand by dower of output of moons 15  And by tops of ancient mountainsand by dower of eternal hills 16  And by dower of earth and what it holdsand the goodwill of the Bush-Dweller.Let them come for Joseph’s headand for the brow of him who among his brothers was devotee. 17 * His firstborn bull has stately portand his horns are the horns of a ure:With them he shall gore peoples,the ends of the earth together.These are the myriads of Ephraimand these the thousands of Manasseh.” 18  And for Zebulun he said“Rejoice, Zebulun, in your outlet,and, Issacar, in your tents. 19 ** They shall call peoples mountainward,there they shall offer rightful sacrifices,For they shall suck tides of seasand the deepest-covered of things buried in sand.” 20 * And for Gad he said“Blessed be Gad’s widener!He has lodged himself like a lionand chews up arm and pate too. 21 * And he looked out a prime part for himselfWhen their portions were determined thereand the heads of the people came together.He did Jehovah’s righteous workand his deeds of justice with Israel.” 22  And for Dan he said“Dan is a lion-cubthat sallies out from the Bashan.” 23  And for Naphtali he said“Naphtali, replete with Jehovah’s favorand full of his blessing,sea and south possess.” 24  And for Asher he said“Most blessed of sons is Asher;Be he esteemed by his brothersand may he dip his feet in oil.” 25 * “Be your locks iron and bronze,and your strength match your lifetime. 26 * There is none like Jeshurun’s Deity,who rides the skies for his help,the heavens for his pride: 27 *** The old-time God is his covertand the eternal arms are underneath,And he has expelled enemies before himand said ‘Root them out,’ 28 ** And installed Israel in security,Jacob’s spring alone,In a country of grain and grape-juice;his skies also drip dew. 29 ** Happy are you, Israel! who is like you,a people saved by Jehovah,Your shield of helpand your sword of pride,That your enemies may cringe to youwhile you tread their heights.”


33:2-3 Susp.; codd. at his right hand a steep for them. Also he cares (unc.)
33:2 Codd. came from sacred millions
33:3 Var. for peoples
33:3 Var. your own hand
33:3 Susp. (fell in, words, unc.)
33:7 Codd.* his own hands he took his own part Susp.
33:8 Var. Your Thummim and Urim belong to the man (without give)
33:8 Or upbraided at Meribah Water
33:12 Or stays by him all day Unc.
33:13-16 (dower) Unc.
33:14 (output) Unc.
33:17 See note to Numbers 23:22
33:19 (tides) Unc.
33:19 (deepest-covered) Susp.
33:20 Or like a lioness
33:21 Codd. himself, for there there was a field-marshal’s portion
33:25 (strength) Unc.; susp.
33:26 Codd. your help
33:27 Codd.* is a covert
33:27 Codd. before you
33:27 Conj. and the Amorites he rooted out
33:28 Codd.* And Israel dwells in security
33:28 Lit. Into a country
33:29 Or a people made victorious by
33:29 Var. and who is your sword of pride