Deuteronomy 3:1-29

3  “And we turned around and went up toward the Bashan, and King ʽOg of the Bashan came out to meet us, he and all his people, to battle at Edreʽi. 2  And Jehovah said to me ‘Do not be afraid of him, because I have given him and all his people and his country into your hands, and you shall do to him as you did to King Sihon of the Amorites, whose capital was Heshbon.’ 3  And our God Jehovah gave into our hands King ʽOg of the Bashan too and all his people, and we struck them down till we had left no survivor to him. 4  And we took all his cities at that time, there was not a town we did not take from them: sixty cities, all the Pale of Argob, ʽOg’s kingdom in the Bashan 5  —all these were fortified cities with high wall and gates and bar—besides the very numerous rural cities. 6  And we destroyed them without quarter, as we had done to King Sihon of Heshbon, destroying without quarter every city of men and the women and children; 7  and all the cattle and the booty of the cities we took as plunder for ourselves. 8  “And at that time we took the country out of the hands of the two kings of the Amorites on the other side of the Jordan from Arnon Arroyo to Mount Hermon 9  (the Phenicians call Hermon Sirjon, and the Amorites call it Senir), 10  all the cities of the level, and all Gilead, and all the Bashan, to Salcah and Edreʽi, the cities of ʽOg’s kingdom in the Bashan. 11  (For King ʽOg of the Bashan was the only one left of the remnant of the ogres; his bedstead was an iron one—extant at Rabbah of the Bene-ʽAmmon—nine cubits long and four cubits wide by a man’s cubit.) 12  And of this country we took possession at that time: from ʽAroʽer on Arnon Arroyo, and half the highland of Gilead and its cities, I gave to the Reubenites and the Gadites, 13  and the rest of Gilead and all the Bashan, ʽOg’s kingdom, I gave to the half tribe of Manasseh, all the Pale of Argob. (All this Bashan is called a haunted country.) 14 * (Jair the son of Manasseh took all the Pale of Argob, up to the boundary of the Geshurites and the Maʽacathites, and named it after himself (the Bashan) the Havvoth of Jair, a name it bears to this day.) 15  And to Makir I gave Gilead; 16  and to the Reubenites and the Gadites I gave from Gilead to Arnon Arroyo, with the middle of the arroyo as boundary, and to the Jabbok Arroyo, the boundary of the Bene-ʽAmmon, 17  and the Rift Valley, with the Jordan as boundary, from Kinnereth to the Dead Sea, Salt Sea, under the steeps of the Pisgah on the east. 18  “And I gave you the order at that time ‘Your God Jehovah has given you this country to take possession of; you shall go over armed before your brothers the sons of Israel, all your stalwart men 19  —only your women and children and your stock (I know you have much stock) shall stay in your cities which I have given you— 20  till Jehovah gives rest to your brothers as he has to you, and they too take possession of the country your God Jehovah is giving to them on the other side of the Jordan, and you shall come back to your possessions that I have given you.’ 21  And at that time I gave Joshuaʽ the order ‘Your eyes it was that saw all that your God Jehovah did to these two kings: Jehovah will do the same to all the kingdoms over where you are going. 22  Do not be afraid of them, because it is your God Jehovah that fights for you.’ 23  “And I petitioned Jehovah at that time 24  ‘Lord Jehovah, you have begun to show your servant your greatness and your strong hand—what deity is there, in heaven or on earth, that does the like of your deeds and exploits? 25  Let me go over and see the good country on the other side of the Jordan, this good highland and the Lebanon.’ 26  But Jehovah was furious at me on your account, and would not listen to me; and Jehovah said to me ‘That will do; never speak to me again about this matter. 27  Go up to the head of the Pisgah and raise your eyes westward and northward and southward and eastward, and see with your eyes; for you are not to go across this Jordan. 28  But commission Joshuaʽ, and encourage him to do his best, because he shall go across at the head of this people, and he shall establish them in the country you are to see.’ 29  And we stayed in the valley in front of Beth-Peghor.


3:14 Or the Thorps of Jair (the word Havvoth means tent-villages)