Deuteronomy 24:1-22

24 * “When a man marries a woman, if he is dissatisfied with her because he has found something wrong with her, and writes her certificate of divorce and hands it to her and sends her out of his house, 2  and she goes out of his house and goes and belongs to another man, 3  and the later husband hates her and writes her a certificate of divorce and sends her out of his house, or when the later husband who has married her dies, 4  her former husband who had divorced her cannot take her for his wife again after she has been defiled, because that is an abomination before Jehovah; and you shall not make the country your God Jehovah is giving to you as your estate sinful. 5 *** “When a man has taken a new wife he shall not come out with the militia nor be counted in it for any purpose; he shall be exempt for his home for one year and enjoy himself with the wife he has married. 6  “One shall not hold a quern or quern-stone as a pawn, for he would be holding a life. 7  “When a man is found stealing a person who is one of his brothers the sons of Israel, and making him an object of trade and selling him, that thief shall die and you shall rout out the mischief from among you. 8  “Be on your guard about leprosy, taking the utmost care and doing just as the Levite priests instruct you; as I have commanded them you shall take care to do. 9  Remember what your God Jehovah did with Miriam on the way while we were coming out of Egypt. 10  “When you lend your neighbor any sort of loan you shall not go into his house to get his pledge: 11  you shall stand outside and the man you are lending to shall bring the pledge outside to you. 12  And if he is a man in straitened circumstances you shall not go to bed in his pledge: 13  you must return the pledge to him at sunset, and he will go to bed in his blanket and bless you, and it will be a good deed of yours before your God Jehovah. 14  “You shall not hold up the pay of a poor and needy hired man, either a brother of yours or one of your immigrants in your country, in your localities: 15  you shall give him his pay on the day it is due, the sun shall not go down on it, because he is needy and is counting on it; and he will not call out against you to Jehovah, which would count against you for a sin. 16  “Fathers shall not be put to death for children, nor children for fathers; each shall be put to death for his own misdoing. 17 * “You shall not warp the law against an immigrant, an orphan, or a widow, nor take a widow’s garment in pawn, 18  but remember that you were a slave in Egypt and your God Jehovah redeemed you from there—that is why I am commanding you to do this. 19  “When you reap your harvest in your field and forget a shock in the field you shall not go back to get it; the immigrant, the orphan, and the widow shall have it, so that your God Jehovah may bless you in everything you put your hands to. 20  When you beat your olive-tree you shall not go over it again branch by branch; the immigrant, the orphan, and the widow shall have it. 21  When you pick your grapes you shall not hunt over for the leavings; the immigrant, the orphan, and the widow shall have them. 22  And you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt—that is why I am commanding you to do this.


24:1 Lit. has found in her the nakedness of a thing The interpretation of this is disputed
24:5 (be counted in it) Unc.
24:5 Or in it; for all purposes he
24:5 Var.* and give a good time to the wife
24:17 Or not override the rights of