2 Samuel 8:1-18

8 * And after this David defeated the Philistines and humbled them, and David took Metheg Ha-Ammah out of the Philistines’ hands. 2  And he defeated the Moabites and measured them with a line, making them lie down on the ground: he measured two lines to put to death and a full line to keep alive; and the Moabites became subject to David as tributaries. 3 * And David defeated Hadadʽezer the son of Rehob, the king of Soba, when he went to set up his power at the River; 4  and David took from him seventeen hundred horsemen and twenty thousand footmen, and hamstrung all the chariot ponies, leaving a hundred teams. 5  And the Syrians of Damascus came to help Hadadʽezer, and David killed twenty-two thousand men of the Syrians. 6 * And David set up prefects in Damascene Syria, and the Syrians became tributary subjects of David; and Jehovah made David victorious wherever he went. 7 * And David took the golden bucklers that were on Hadadʽezer’s officers, and brought them to Jerusalem. 8  And from Tebah and Berothai, Hadadʽezer’s cities, David took very much bronze. 9  And King Toghu of Hamath heard that David had defeated Hadadʽezer’s forces, 10 * and Toghu sent his son Hadad-ram to King David to ask how he was doing and to bless him for having fought and beaten Hadadʽezer (for Hadadʽezer was a standing enemy of Toghu), and he brought with him articles of silver and of gold and of bronze 11  (these too King David dedicated to Jehovah, with the silver and gold that he dedicated out of all the nations he had subjugated, 12 * Edom and Moab and the Bene-ʽAmmon and the Philistines and the ʽAmalekites, and out of the booty from Hadadʽezer the son of Rehob, the king of Sobah). 13 ** And David won fame when he came back from defeating the Syrians and defeated the Edomites in Salt Valley, killing eighteen thousand. 14 * And he set up prefects in Edom; all over Edom he set up prefects; and all the Edomites became subjects of David, and Jehovah made David victorious wherever he went. 15  And David reigned over all Israel; and David did justice and equity for all his people. 16  And Joab the son of Serujah was over the army, and Jehoshaphat the son of Ahilud was private secretary, 17 * and Sadok and Abiathar the son of Ahimelec the son of Ahitub were priests, and Shausha was secretary for documents, 18  and Benajah the son of Jehojadaʽ was over the Cretans and the Pletans, and David’s sons were priests.


8:1 (Metheg Ha-Ammah) Unc.; perhaps not the name of a place
8:3 Unc.; var. to bring back his hand
8:6 Or set up posts
8:7 (bucklers) Unc.
8:10 Codd. Hadoram, var. Joram
8:12 (Edom) Var. Syria
8:13 Conj. And David made peace
8:13-14 Conj. And when he came back. . . David set up
8:14 (prefects) Or posts
8:17 Codd. Sadok the son of Ahitub and Abiathar the son of Ahimelec Var. and Ahimelec the son of Abiathar