1 Kings 9:1-28

9  And when Solomon had finished building Jehovah’s house and the royal palace and all Solomon’s fancies that he was pleased to make, 2  Jehovah appeared to Solomon a second time as he had at Gibeon; 3 * and Jehovah said to him “I have heard your prayer and petition that you have made before me: I have done just as you prayed, I have made this house that you have built a sacred place, putting my name there forever; and my eyes and my mind shall always be there. 4  And for yourself, if you walk before me as your father David did, in integrity of heart and in uprightness, doing just as I have commanded, and keep my usages and laws, 5  I will set up the throne of your kingship over Israel forever, as I promised your father David ‘You shall never be without a man on the throne of Israel.’ 6  If you, yourselves and your sons, shall turn back from following me and not keep my commandments and usages that I have set before you, and go and worship other gods and do them reverence, 7  I will stamp out Israel from over the soil I gave them, and the house I had made a sacred place for my name I will discard, and Israel shall become a byword and a jeer among all peoples. 8  And this house shall become a ruin; everyone who passes it shall stand aghast and whistle, and they shall say ‘On what account did Jehovah do like that to this country and this house?’ 9  and they will say ‘On account of their having left their God Jehovah, who had brought their fathers out of Egypt, and taken to other gods and done reverence to them and worshiped them; it was on this account that Jehovah brought upon them all this mischief.’” 10 * And at the end of the twenty years in which Solomon had been building the two houses, Jehovah’s house and the royal palace,—King 11  Hiram of Tyre had been accommodating Solomon with cedar and cypress timber and gold, as much as he liked,—then King Solomon gave Hiram twenty cities in the Marchland. 12  And Hiram went out from Tyre to see the cities Solomon had given him, and was not suited with them; 13  and he said “What sort of cities are these you have given me, brother?” and called them the Cabul country, a name they bear to this day. 14  And Hiram sent the king sixteen thousand pounds of gold. 15  And these were the terms of the corvée King Solomon raised for building Jehovah’s house and his own house, and the Millo and the wall of Jerusalem, and Hasor and Megiddo and Gezer— 16  the Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, had gone up and taken Gezer and burned it down, and killed the Canaanites who lived in the city, and given it as a dowry to his daughter, Solomon’s bride, 17  and Solomon had Gezer rebuilt—and Nether Beth-Horon 18 * and Baʽalath and Tamar in the wilderness, in our country, 19  and all the storage cities Solomon had, and the chariot cities and the cavalry-horse cities, and Solomon’s fancies that he took the fancy to build in Jerusalem and in the Lebanon and throughout his dominion: 20  all the people that were left of the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Hivvites, and the Jebusites, who were not sons of Israel,— 21  their sons that had been left in the country after them, whom the sons of Israel had not been able to dispatch, Solomon levied as a laboring corvée, which they are to this day. 22  But of the sons of Israel Solomon enslaved none, but they were his men of war and his officials and captains and adjutants and chariot-captains and horsemen. 23 * These were Solomon’s chief commissioners over the work, five hundred and fifty of them who were in authority over the people that were doing the work. 24 * Only the Pharaoh’s daughter has gone up out of David’s City to her house that Solomon has built for her. Then he built the Millo. 25 *** And Solomon offers burnt-offerings and welfare-sacrifices three times a year on the altar he has built to Jehovah, that stands before Jehovah, and is finishing the house. 26  And King Solomon built ships at Ghesjon-Geber near Elath on the shore of the Red Sea, in Edom; 27  and Hiram sent on the ships his subjects, shipmen familiar with the sea, with Solomon’s subjects; 28  and they reached Ophir and got gold there, fifty-five thousand pounds of it, and brought it to King Solomon.


9:3 Var. omits I have done just as you prayed
9:10 Codd.* end of twenty
9:18 Lit. in the country Conj. in the country of Judah
9:23 Var. two hundred
9:24 Or had gone up . . . had built
9:25 Or offered . . . had built . . . finished
9:25 Var. to Jehovah, and burns (or burned) incense with it, that stands
9:25 Lit. that is before Jehovah