1 Kings 7:1-51

7  And Solomon built at his own house thirteen years, and finished his house entirely. 2  And he built the Forest-of-Lebanon house, a hundred and fifty feet long and seventy-five feet wide and forty-five feet high, on four rows of cedar pillars with blocks of cedar on top of the pillars, 3  roofed with cedar over the chambers on top of the pillars, forty-five of them, fifteen to the row; 4  with beams three rows, and loophole to loophole three times, 5  and all the doors and loopholes square-framed, and loophole facing loophole three times. 6 * And he made the colonnade seventy-five feet long and forty-five wide, and a porch parallel to it, and parallel to them a platform with pillars; 7  and he made the throne-porch where he sat as judge, the judgment-porch, wainscoted with cedar from floor to girders. 8 * And his own house, where he was to live, the other court inside the porch, was done like that; and he builds a house for the Pharaoh’s daughter whom Solomon married, like this porch. 9 * All these were expensive stone, dressed to measure, saw-cut on the outside and the inside and from foundation to coping, and from the court of Jehovah’s house to the great court, 10  the foundations laid in expensive stones of great size, fifteen-foot stones and twelve-foot stones, 11  and above expensive stones, dressed to measure, and cedar. 12  And the great court, all around, was three courses of dressed stone and one of blocks of cedar, for the inner court of Jehovah’s house and for the court of the palace porch. 13  And King Solomon sent and fetched Hiram from Tyre. 14  He was the son of a widow of the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a Tyrian, a bronze-worker; and he was full of talent and sense and skill for doing all kinds of work in bronze; and he came to King Solomon and did all his work. 15 * And he cast the two bronze pillars, twenty-seven feet the height of one pillar and eighteen feet its girth and three inches the thickness of the metal (hollow), and so the other pillar; 16  and he made two capitals to put on the tops of the pillars, cast in bronze, seven and a half feet the height of one capital and seven and a half feet the height of the other capital; 17  and he made two nettings, network, tracery, meshwork, to cover the capitals on the tops of the pillars, a netting for the one capital and a netting for the other capital. 18 * And he made the pomegranates; and there were two rows of bronze pomegranates around the one netting, and two hundred pomegranates in two rows surrounding the one capital; and so he did for the other capital. 19 * And the capitals on the tops of the pillars were of lily pattern, in the porch, six feet; 20 * and there were capitals on the two pillars above too, next the swelling beyond the netting. 21  And he set up the pillars with the nave porch: he set up the right-hand pillar and named it Jakin, and set up the left-hand pillar and named it Boʽaz. 22  And on the tops of the pillars was a lily pattern. So the work of the pillars was finished. 23  And he made the sea, a casting fifteen feet from lip to lip, circular in outline, seven and a half feet high and forty-five feet in girth; 24 * and gourds all around it under its lip, fifteen feet; the gourds were in two rows, cast in one piece with it. 25 * It stood on twelve cattle, three facing north and three facing west and three facing south and three facing east, with the sea up on top of them, and their hinder parts all inward. 26 * And it was three inches thick, with its lip made like the lip of a cup, a lily-bud; and it would hold twenty thousand gallons. 27  And he made the stands, ten of them, of bronze: one stand was six feet long and six wide and four and a half high. 28 * And this was the pattern of a stand: they had borders, and borders between the frames; 29 ** and on the borders between the frames there were lions, cattle, and cherubs, and so at the top on the frames; and under the lions and cattle spirals in a downward-sloping pattern. 30 * And a stand had four bronze wheels, and bronze axles; and its four uprights had shoulder-pieces; the shoulder-pieces were cast under the laver, spirals opposite each. 31 **** And its mouth was inside the shoulder-pieces and above, eighteen inches; and its mouth was round, in pedestal pattern, twenty-seven inches; and on its mouth too there were carvings; and their borders were square, not round. 32 * And the four wheels were below the borders, and the spindles of the wheels went into the stand; and the height of a wheel was twenty-seven inches. 33  And the pattern of the wheels was like that of a chariot-wheel; their spindles, rims, spokes, and hubs, all were cast. 34  And there were four shoulder-pieces on the four corners of a stand: the shoulder-pieces were in one piece with the stand. 35 ** And at the top of the stand there was a pedestal, nine inches in height, round in contour. Its arms and borders were in one piece with it. 36 * And he engraved on the plates cherubs, lions, and palm trees according to the room on each, and spirals around the edges. 37 * Like this he made the ten stands; all of them had the same metal, the same dimensions, and the same shape. 38 * And he made ten bronze lavers holding four hundred gallons each and measuring six feet each, the ten stands having a laver on each; 39 * and he put the stands five along the right side of the front of the house and five along the left side of the front of the house, and the sea he put east of the southeast corner of the house. 40  And Hiram made the pots and the shovels and the bowls; and Hiram finished doing all the work he did for King Solomon in Jehovah’s house: 41  two pillars, and the globes of the capitals on top of the pillars, two of them; and the nettings, two of them, to cover the two globes of the capitals on top of the pillars; 42  and the pomegranates, four hundred of them, for the two nettings, two rows of pomegranates to a netting, to cover the two globes of the capitals on top of the pillars; 43  and the stands, ten of them, and the lavers, ten of them, on the stands; 44  and the one sea, and the cattle, twelve of them, under the sea; 45  and the pots and the shovels and the bowls. And all these furnishings that Hiram made for King Solomon in Jehovah’s house were polished bronze. 46 * It was in the Pale of the Jordan that he cast them, in the heavy soil between Succoth and Sarethan. 47  And Solomon left all these furnishings, because of their great number, without investigation of the weight of the bronze. 48  And Solomon made all the furnishings Jehovah’s house had in it: the golden altar, and the table the showbread was on, gold, 49  and the lampstands, five on the right and five on the left in front of the shrine, solid gold, 50  and the buds and the lamps and the pincers, gold, and the basins and the snuffers and the bowls and the pans and the firepans, solid gold, and the hinges for the doors of the inner house, the holiest of the holy, and for the doors of the house, the nave, gold. 51  And all the work King Solomon did on Jehovah’s house was finished; and Solomon brought in his father David’s consecrated articles, the silver and the gold, and put the furnishings in the treasuries of Jehovah’s house.


7:6 Or and a cornice with pillars
7:8 Susp.
7:9 Codd. coping, and from outside to the great court
7:15 Var. the height of one pillar and twelve cubits the girth of the other pillar; and he
7:18 Susp.
7:19 Conj. of lily pattern, all of them four cubits
7:20 Susp.
7:24 Susp.
7:25 Conj. that verse 26 belongs before verse 25
7:26 This is about twenty thousand gallons
7:28 Or strips, and strips Or panels, and panels
7:29 Or the strips between Or the panels between
7:29 Var. and so on the frames; and above and below the lions and cattle
7:30 Conj. its four corners
7:31 Codd. inside the capital
7:31 Perhaps more than one cubit (codd. do not make it clear)
7:31 Conj. its borders
7:31 Or strips Or panels
7:32 Or strips Or panels
7:35 Codd. And on top of the stand its arms and
7:35 Or strips Or panels
7:36 Codd. on the plates its arms and on its borders cherubs
7:37 Or all of them were cast at the same time and had the same dimensions and
7:38 This is about four hundred gallons
7:39 Or put southeast of
7:46 Var. that the king cast them