Zephaniah 2:1-15

2  Gather yourselves together, yes, do the gathering,+ O nation not paling in shame.*+  Before [the] statute gives birth to [anything],+ [before the] day has passed by just like chaff, before there comes upon YOU people the burning anger of Jehovah,+ before there comes upon YOU the day of Jehovah’s anger,+  seek Jehovah,+ all YOU meek* ones of the earth,+ who have practiced His own judicial decision.* Seek righteousness,+ seek meekness.*+ Probably*+ YOU may be concealed* in the day of Jehovah’s anger.+  For, as regards Gaʹza, an abandoned [city] is what she will become;+ and Ashʹke·lon is to be a desolate waste.+ As regards Ashʹdod,+ at high noon they will drive her out;+ and as regards Ekʹron, she will be uprooted.+  “Woe to those inhabiting the region of the sea, the nation of Cherʹe·thites!*+ The word of Jehovah is against YOU people. O Caʹnaan, the land of the Phi·lisʹtines, I will also destroy you, so that there will be no inhabitant.+  And the region of the sea must become pasture grounds,+ [with] wells for shepherds and stone pens for sheep.  And it must become a region for the remaining ones of the house of Judah.+ Upon them they will feed. In the houses of Ashʹke·lon, in the evening, they will lie stretched out. For Jehovah their God* will turn his attention to them+ and certainly gather back the captive ones of them.”+  “I have heard the reproach by Moʹab+ and the abusive words of the sons of Amʹmon,+ with which they have reproached my people and kept putting on great airs against their territory.  Therefore, as I am alive,”+ is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, the God of Israel, “Moʹab herself will become just like Sodʹom,+ and the sons of Amʹmon+ like Go·morʹrah, a place possessed by nettles, and a salt pit, and a desolate waste, even to time indefinite.+ The remaining ones of my people will plunder them, and the remnant of my own nation will take possession of them.+ 10  This is what they will have instead of their pride,+ because they reproached and kept putting on great airs against the people of Jehovah* of armies.+ 11  Jehovah will be fear-inspiring against them;*+ for he will certainly emaciate all the gods of the earth,*+ and people will bow down to him,+ each one from his place, all the islands* of the nations.+ 12  “YOU also, YOU E·thi·oʹpi·ans,*+ YOU yourselves will be people slain by my sword.*+ 13  “And he will stretch out his hand toward the north, and he will destroy As·syrʹi·a.+ And he will make Ninʹe·veh a desolate waste,+ a waterless region like the wilderness. 14  And in the midst of her, droves will certainly lie stretched out, all the wild animals of a nation.*+ Both pelican and porcupine+ will spend the night right among her pillar capitals.+ A voice will keep singing in the window. There will be devastation at the threshold; for he will certainly lay bare the very wainscoting.+ 15  This is the exultant city that was sitting in security,+ that was saying in her heart, ‘I am, and there is nobody else.’+ O how she has become an object of astonishment, a place for the wild animals to lie stretched out! Everyone passing along by her will whistle; he will wag his hand.”+


Or, “not yearning intensely.”
“You may be concealed (sheltered).” Heb., tis·sa·theruʹ; not tsa·phanʹ, as in the name Zephaniah. Compare Title ftn.
Or, “Perhaps.” Heb., ʼu·laiʹ.
Or, “humbleness; humility.”
Or, “who have kept His judgments.”
Or, “humble.”
“Cretans,” LXX.
“Their God.” Heb., ʼElo·heh·hemʹ.
See App 1C §2.
Or, “coastlands.”
Gods of the earth,” M(Heb., ʼelo·hehʹ ha·ʼaʹrets)Vg; LXX, “gods of the nations of the earth.”
According to MVg; LXXSy, “Jehovah will appear upon them.”
“Ethiopians,” LXXVg; Heb., Ku·shimʹ; TSy, “Cushites.”
“My sword,” MTLXXVg.
“A nation.” Heb., ghohy; LXX, “the earth”; SyVg, “nations (peoples).”