Zechariah 2:1-13

2  And I proceeded to raise my eyes and see; and, look! there was a man,* and in his hand a measuring rope.+  So I said: “Where are you going?” In turn he said to me: “To measure Jerusalem, in order to see what her breadth amounts to and what her length amounts to.”+  And, look! the angel who was speaking with me was going forth, and there was another angel going forth to meet him.  Then he said to him: “Run, speak to the young man over there, saying, ‘“As open rural country Jerusalem will be inhabited,+ because of the multitude of men and domestic animals in the midst of her.+  And I myself shall become to her,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “a wall of fire all around,+ and a glory is what I shall become* in the midst of her.”’”+  “Hey there! Hey there! Flee, then, YOU people, from the land of the north,”+ is the utterance of Jehovah. “For in the direction of the four winds* of the heavens I have spread YOU people abroad,”+ is the utterance of Jehovah.  “Hey there, Zion!+ Make your escape, you who are dwelling with the daughter of Babylon.*+  For this is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘Following after [the] glory+ he has sent me to the nations that were despoiling YOU people;+ for he that is touching YOU+ is touching my eyeball.*+  For here I am waving my hand against them,+ and they will have to become spoil to their slaves.’+ And YOU people will certainly know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me.+ 10  “Cry out loudly and rejoice, O daughter of Zion;+ for here I am coming,+ and I will reside in the midst of you,”+ is the utterance of Jehovah. 11  “And many nations will certainly become joined to Jehovah in that day,+ and they will actually become my people;+ and I will reside in the midst of you.”* And you will have to know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me to you.+ 12  And Jehovah will certainly take possession of Judah as his portion upon the holy ground,+ and he must yet choose Jerusalem.+ 13  Keep silence, all flesh, before Jehovah,+ for he has aroused himself+ from his holy dwelling.+


“A man.” Heb., ʼish.
Or, “I shall prove to be.” Heb., ʼeh·yehʹ. See Ex 3:14 ftn.
“Winds.” Heb., ru·chohthʹ, pl.; Gr., a·neʹmon; Lat., venʹtos. See Ge 1:2 ftn, “Force.”
“Babylon,” LXXVg; MTSy, “Babel.”
“My eyeball” was the original reading. The Sopherim changed the text to read “his eyeball.” See App 2B.
“You,” fem. sing., addressed to the “daughter of Zion.”