Romans 15:1-33

15  We, though, who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those not strong,+ and not to be pleasing ourselves.+  Let each of us please [his] neighbor in what is good for [his] upbuilding.+  For even the Christ did not please himself;+ but just as it is written: “The reproaches of those who were reproaching you have fallen upon me.”+  For all the things that were written aforetime were written+ for our instruction,+ that through our endurance+ and through the comfort+ from the Scriptures we might have hope.*+  Now may the God who supplies endurance and comfort grant YOU to have among yourselves the same mental attitude+ that Christ Jesus had,  that with one accord+ YOU may with one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore welcome one another,+ just as the Christ also welcomed us,+ with glory to God in view.  For I say that Christ actually became a minister+ of those who are circumcised+ in behalf of God’s truthfulness,+ so as to verify the promises+ He made to their forefathers,  and that the nations+ might glorify God for his mercy.+ Just as it is written: “That is why I will openly acknowledge you among the nations* and to your name I will make melody.”+ 10  And again he says: “Be glad, YOU nations, with his people.”+ 11  And again: “Praise Jehovah,* all YOU nations, and let all the peoples praise him.”+ 12  And again Isaiah says: “There will be the root of Jesʹse,+ and there will be one arising to rule nations;+ on him nations will rest their hope.”+ 13  May the God who gives hope fill YOU with all joy and peace by YOUR believing, that YOU may abound in hope with power of holy spirit.+ 14  Now I myself also am persuaded about YOU, my brothers, that YOU yourselves are also full of goodness, as YOU have been filled with all knowledge,+ and that YOU can also admonish one another.+ 15  However, I am writing YOU the more outspokenly on some points, as if reminding+ YOU again, because of the undeserved kindness given to me from God+ 16  for me to be a public servant* of Christ Jesus to the nations,+ engaging in the holy work of the good news+ of God, in order that the offering,+ namely, these nations, might prove to be acceptable,+ it being sanctified with holy spirit.+ 17  Therefore I have cause for exulting in Christ Jesus+ when it comes to things pertaining to God.+ 18  For I will not venture to tell one thing if it is not of those things which Christ worked through me+ for the nations to be obedient,+ by [my] word+ and deed, 19  with the power of signs and portents,+ with the power of holy spirit;* so that from Jerusalem and in a circuit+ as far as Il·lyrʹi·cum I have thoroughly preached the good news about the Christ.+ 20  In this way, indeed, I made it my aim not to declare the good news where Christ had already been named, in order that I might not be building on another man’s foundation;+ 21  but, just as it is written: “Those to whom no announcement has been made about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand.”+ 22  Therefore also I was many times hindered from getting to YOU.+ 23  But now that I no longer have [untouched] territory in these regions, and for some years having had a longing to get to YOU+ 24  whenever I am on my way to Spain,+ I hope, above all, when I am on the journey there, to get a look at YOU and to be escorted+ partway there by YOU after I have first in some measure been satisfied with your company. 25  But now I am about to journey to Jerusalem to minister to the holy ones.+ 26  For those in Mac·e·doʹni·a and A·chaʹia*+ have been pleased to share up their things by a contribution+ to the poor of the holy ones in Jerusalem. 27  True, they have been pleased to do so, and yet they were debtors to them; for if the nations have shared in their spiritual things,+ they also owe it to minister publicly to these with things for the fleshly body.+ 28  Hence after I have finished with this and have got this fruit+ securely to them, I shall depart by way of YOU for Spain.+ 29  Moreover, I know that when I do come to YOU I shall come with a full measure of blessing from Christ.+ 30  Now I exhort YOU, brothers,* through our Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the spirit,+ that YOU exert yourselves with me in prayers to God for me,+ 31  that I may be delivered+ from the unbelievers in Ju·deʹa and that my ministry which is for Jerusalem+ may prove to be acceptable to the holy ones,+ 32  so that when I get to YOU with joy by God’s will I shall be refreshed+ together with YOU. 33  May the God who gives peace be with all of YOU.+ Amen.


“Hope,” אAVgSyp; B, “hope of the comfort; the comforting hope.”
“Nations,” ABSyp; אcVgc, “nations, O Lord.”
See App 1D.
“Public servant.” Gr., lei·tour·gonʹ.
“Holy spirit,” AD*Vg; P46אSyh,p, “spirit of God”; B, “spirit.”
The Roman province of southern Greece with its capital at Corinth.
“Brothers,” אADVgSyp; P46B omit.