Lamentations 5:1-22

5 * Remember, O Jehovah, what has happened to us.+ Do look and see our reproach.+   Our own hereditary possession has been turned over to strangers, our houses to foreigners.+   We have become mere orphans without a father.+ Our mothers are like widows.+   For money* we have had to drink our own water.+ For a price our own wood comes in.   Close onto our neck we have been pursued.+ We have grown weary. No rest has been left for us.+   To Egypt+ we have given the hand;+ to As·syrʹi·a,+ in order to get satisfaction with bread.   Our forefathers are the ones that have sinned.+ They are no more. As for us, it is their errors that we have had to bear.+   Mere servants have ruled over us.+ There is no one tearing us away from their hand.+   At the risk of our soul we bring in our bread,+ because of the sword of the wilderness. 10  Our very skin has grown hot just like a furnace, because of the pangs of hunger.+ 11  The wives* in Zion they have humbled,+ the virgins in the cities of Judah. 12  Princes themselves have been hanged by just their hand.+ The faces of even old men have not been honored.+ 13  Even young men have lifted up a hand mill itself,+ and under the wood mere boys have stumbled.+ 14  Old men themselves have ceased even out of the gate,+ young men from their instrumental music.+ 15  The exultation of our heart has ceased. Our dancing has been changed into mere mourning.+ 16  The crown of our head has fallen.+ Woe, now, to us, because we have sinned!+ 17  On this account our heart has become ill.+ On account of these things our eyes have grown dim,+ 18  On account of Zion’s mountain that is desolated;+ foxes themselves have walked on it.+ 19  As for you, O Jehovah, to time indefinite you will sit.+ Your throne is for generation after generation.+ 20  Why is it that forever you forget us,+ that you leave us for the length of days?+ 21  Bring us back,+ O Jehovah, to yourself, and we shall readily come back. Bring new days for us as in the long ago.+ 22  However, you have positively rejected us.+ You have been indignant toward us very much.+


This chapter is not an alphabetic acrostic like each of the preceding four chapters, but it does have 22 vss to correspond to the 22 letters of the Heb. alphabet.
Or, “silver.”
Or, “women.”