Joshua 16:1-10

16  And the lot+ came out for the sons of Joseph+ from the Jordan+ at Jerʹi·cho to the waters of Jerʹi·cho eastward, the wilderness going up from Jerʹi·cho into the mountainous region of Bethʹel.+  And it went out from Bethʹel belonging to Luz+ and passed over to the boundary of the Arʹchites+ at Atʹa·roth,  and it went down westward to the boundary of the Japhʹle·tites as far as the boundary of Lower Beth-hoʹron+ and Geʹzer,+ and its termination proved to be at the sea.+  And the sons of Joseph,+ Ma·nasʹseh and Eʹphra·im,+ proceeded to take possession of land.+  And the boundary of the sons of Eʹphra·im by their families came to be, yes, the boundary of their inheritance toward the east came to be Atʹa·roth-adʹdar,+ as far as Upper Beth-hoʹron;+  and the boundary went out to the sea. Mich·meʹthath+ was on the north, and the boundary went around eastward to Taʹa·nath-shiʹloh, and passed over eastward to Ja·noʹah.  And it went down from Ja·noʹah to Atʹa·roth and Naʹa·rah and reached to Jerʹi·cho+ and went out to the Jordan.  From Tapʹpu·ah+ the boundary moved on westward to the torrent valley of Kaʹnah,+ and its termination proved to be at the sea.+ This is the inheritance of the tribe of the sons of Eʹphra·im by their families.  And the sons of Eʹphra·im had enclave* cities+ in the midst of the inheritance of the sons of Ma·nasʹseh, all the cities and their settlements. 10  And they did not drive away the Caʹnaan·ites+ who were dwelling in Geʹzer,+ and the Caʹnaan·ites continue dwelling in among Eʹphra·im down to this day+ and came to be subject to slavish forced labor.+


Or, “separated; isolated.”