Joshua 11:1-23

11  And it came about that as soon as Jaʹbin the king of Haʹzor heard of it, he went sending to Joʹbab the king of Maʹdon+ and to the king of Shimʹron and the king of Achʹshaph,+  and to the kings that were to the north in the mountainous region and in the desert plains south of Chinʹne·reth+ and in the She·pheʹlah+ and on the mountain ridges of Dor+ to the west,  the Caʹnaan·ites+ to the east and the west, and the Amʹor·ites+ and the Hitʹtites+ and the Perʹiz·zites+ and the Jebʹu·sites+ in the mountainous region and the Hiʹvites+ at the base of Herʹmon+ in the land of Mizʹpah.+  So they went out, they and all their camps with them, a people as numerous as the grains of sand that are on the seashore for multitude,+ and very many horses+ and war chariots.  Then all these kings met together by appointment and came and encamped together at the waters of Merʹom to fight against Israel.+  At this Jehovah said to Joshua: “Do not be afraid because of them,+ for tomorrow about this time I am abandoning all of them slain to Israel. Their horses you will hamstring,+ and their chariots you will burn in the fire.”+  And Joshua and all the people of war with him proceeded to come against them along the waters of Merʹom by surprise and to fall upon them.  Then Jehovah gave them into Israel’s hand,+ and they went striking them and pursuing them as far as populous Siʹdon+ and Misʹre·photh-maʹim+ and the valley plain of Mizʹpeh+ to the east; and they kept striking them until they had not let a survivor of theirs remain.+  After that Joshua did to them just as Jehovah had said to him: their horses he hamstrung,+ and their chariots he burned in the fire.+ 10  More than that, Joshua turned about at that time+ and captured Haʹzor;+ and its king he struck down with the sword,+ because Haʹzor was before that the head of all these kingdoms. 11  And they* went striking every soul that was in it with the edge of the sword, devoting [them] to destruction.*+ No breathing thing at all was left over,+ and he burned Haʹzor in the fire. 12  And all the cities of these kings and all their kings Joshua captured and went striking them with the edge of the sword.+ He devoted them to destruction,+ just as Moses the servant of Jehovah had commanded.+ 13  It was only all the cities standing on their own mounds that Israel did not burn, except that Joshua did burn Haʹzor by itself. 14  And all the spoil of these cities and the domestic animals the sons of Israel plundered for themselves.+ It was only all humankind that they struck with the edge of the sword until they had annihilated them.+ They did not let anyone that breathed remain.+ 15  Just as Jehovah had commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua,+ and so Joshua did. He did not remove a word from all that Jehovah had commanded Moses.+ 16  And Joshua proceeded to take all this land, the mountainous region and all the Negʹeb+ and all the land of Goʹshen+ and the She·pheʹlah+ and the Arʹa·bah+ and the mountainous region of Israel and its She·pheʹlah,+ 17  from Mount Haʹlak,+ which goes up to Seʹir,+ and as far as Baʹal-gad+ in the valley plain of Lebʹa·non at the base of Mount Herʹmon,+ and he captured all their kings and went striking them and putting them to death.+ 18  Many days it was that Joshua waged war with all these kings. 19  There proved to be no city that made peace with the sons of Israel but the Hiʹvites+ inhabiting Gibʹe·on.+ All the others they took by war.+ 20  For it proved to be Jehovah’s course to let their hearts become stubborn+ so as to declare war against Israel, in order that he might devote them to destruction, that they might come to have no favorable consideration,+ but in order that he might annihilate them, just as Jehovah had commanded Moses.+ 21  Furthermore, at that particular time Joshua went and cut off the Anʹa·kim+ from the mountainous region, from Heʹbron, from Deʹbir, from Aʹnab+ and from all the mountainous region of Judah and from all the mountainous region of Israel.+ Along with their cities Joshua devoted them to destruction.+ 22  No Anʹa·kim were left in the land of the sons of Israel. It was only in Gaʹza,+ in Gath+ and in Ashʹdod+ that they remained.+ 23  So Joshua took all the land, according to all that Jehovah had promised Moses,+ and Joshua then gave it as an inheritance to Israel by their shares, according to their tribes.+ And the land had no disturbance from war.+


“They,” MLXXB; LXXASyVg, “he.”
“Devoting [them] to destruction.” In Heb. this is a verb in the infinitive absolute, indefinite as to time and impersonal.