Job 6:1-30

6  And Job proceeded to answer and say:   “O that my vexation+ were altogether weighed,And that at the same time my adversity they would put on scales themselves!   For now it is heavier even than the sands of the seas.That is why my own words have been wild talk.+   For the arrows of the Almighty* are with me,+The venom of which my spirit is drinking;+The terrors from God* range themselves up against me.*+   Will a zebra*+ cry out over grass,Or a bull low over its fodder?   Will tasteless things be eaten without salt,Or is there any taste in the slimy juice of marshmallow?   My soul has refused to touch [anything].They are like disease in my food.   O that my request would comeAnd that God* would grant even my hope!   And that God would go ahead and crush me,That he would release his hand and cut me off!+ 10  Even it would still be my comfort;And I should leap [for joy]+ at [my] labor pains,[Though] he would have no compassion, for I have not hidden the sayings+ of the Holy One.+ 11  What is my power, that I should keep waiting?+And what is my end, that I should keep prolonging my soul?* 12  Is my power the power of stones?Or is my flesh of copper? 13  Is it that self-assistance is not in me,And effectual working itself has been chased away from me? 14  As regards anyone who withholds loving-kindness* from his own fellow,+He will also leave off even the fear of the Almighty.+ 15  My own brothers have dealt treacherously,+ like a winter torrent,Like the channel of winter torrents that keep passing away. 16  They are dark from ice,Upon them snow hides itself. 17  In due season they become waterless,+ they have been silenced;When it grows hot they are dried up from their place.+ 18  The paths of their way are turned aside;They go up into the empty place and perish. 19  The caravans of Teʹma+ have looked,The traveling company of Sa·beʹans*+ have waited for them. 20  They certainly are ashamed because they had trusted;They have come clear to the place and they get disappointed.+ 21  For now YOU men have amounted to nothing;+YOU see terror, and YOU become afraid.+ 22  Is it because I have said, ‘GIVE me [something],Or from some of the power of YOU men make a present in my behalf; 23  And rescue me out of the hand of an adversary,+And out of the hand of tyrants YOU men should redeem me’?+ 24  Instruct me, and I, for my part, shall be silent;+And what mistake I have committed make me understand.+ 25  The sayings of uprightness have been—O not painful!+But what does reproving* on the part of YOU men reprove?+ 26  Is it to reprove words that YOU men scheme,When the sayings of one in despair+ are for mere wind?+ 27  How much more will YOU cast lots even over someone fatherless,+And barter over YOUR companion!+ 28  And now GO ahead, pay attention to me,[And see] whether I shall lie+ to YOUR very faces. 29  Return, please—let no unrighteousness arise—Yes, return—my righteousness is yet in it.+ 30  Is there unrighteousness on my tongue,Or does my own palate not discern adversity?


“Jehovah,” LXXVg.
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
“Cast me out from social intercourse,” by the transposition of two letters in M.
Or, “onager; wild ass.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
Or, “my life [as a soul].” Heb., naph·shiʹ; Gr., psy·kheʹ.
Or, “loyal love.”
Lit., “Sheba.”
“Reproving.” In Heb. this is a verb in the infinitive absolute, indefinite as to time and impersonal.