Job 5:1-27

5  “Call, please! Is there anyone answering you?And to which one of the holy ones* will you turn?   For the foolish one vexation will kill,And the one easily enticed envying will put to death.   I myself have seen the foolish one taking root,+But suddenly I began to execrate his abiding place.   His sons remain far from salvation,+And they are crushed in the gate without a deliverer.   What he harvests* the hungry one eats;And even from butcher hooks* one takes it,And a snare actually snaps at their means of maintenance.*   For not from mere dust does what is hurtful go forth,And from mere ground trouble does not spring up.   For man* himself is born for trouble,As the very sparks* fly upward.   However, I myself would apply to God,*And to God* I would submit my cause,*+   [To the] One doing great things unsearchable,*Wonderful things without number;+ 10  [To] the One giving rain upon the surface of the earth+And sending waters upon the open fields;+ 11  [To] the One putting those who are low on a high place,+So that those who are sad are high up in salvation; 12  [To the] One frustrating the schemes of the shrewd,+So that their hands do not work with effect; 13  [To the] One catching the wise in their own cunning,+So that the counsel of astute ones is carried headlong;+ 14  They encounter darkness even by day,And they grope about at midday as if at night;+ 15  And [to the] One saving from the sword out of their mouth,And from the hand of the strong one, a poor one,+ 16  So that for the lowly one there comes to be hope,+But unrighteousness actually shuts its mouth.+ 17  Look! Happy is the man* whom God* reproves;+And the discipline of the Almighty do not you reject! 18  For he himself causes pain, but binds up [the wound];He breaks to pieces, but his own hands do the healing. 19  In six distresses he will deliver you,+And in seven nothing injurious will touch you.+ 20  During famine he will certainly redeem you from death,+And during war from the power* of a sword. 21  From the whip of a tongue you will be hidden,+And you will not be afraid of despoiling when it comes. 22  At despoiling and hunger you will laugh,And of the wild beast of the earth you need not be afraid. 23  For with the stones of the field your covenant will be,And the wild beast of the field himself will be made to live at peace with you.+ 24  And you will certainly know that peace itself is your tent,And you will be bound to go and see your pasture ground, and you will miss nothing. 25  And you will certainly know that your offspring are many+And your descendants like the vegetation of the earth.+ 26  You will come in vigor to the burial place,+As when sheaves pile up in their time. 27  Look! This is what we have investigated. So is it.Hear it, and you—know it for yourself.”


“Which one of the holy angels,” LXX.
Lit., “Which his harvest [is].”
Or, “even out of the thorns.”
“And thirsty ones do draw out their milk,” by a correction of M.
Or, “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Lit., “the sons of flame.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ, pl. of ʼElohʹah, to denote excellence and majesty; LXX, “Jehovah.”
Or, “suit.”
Or, “the Divine One.” Heb., ʼEl; LXX, “Jehovah.”
Lit., “and there is no searching [of them].”
Or, “mortal man,” as in 4:17. Heb., ʼenohshʹ.
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
Lit., “hands.”