Job 4:1-21

4  And Elʹi·phaz+ the Teʹman·ite proceeded to reply and say:   “If one does try out a word* to you, will you become weary?But to put a restraint on words who is able?   Look! You have corrected many,+And the weak hands you used to strengthen.+   Anyone stumbling, your words* would raise up;+And knees giving way you would make firm.+   But this time it comes to you, and you become weary;It touches even you, and you get disturbed.   Is not your reverence [the basis of] your confidence?Is not your hope even the integrity+ of your ways?   Remember, please: Who that is innocent has ever perished?And where have the upright+ ever been effaced?   According to what I have seen, those devising what is hurtfulAnd those sowing trouble will themselves reap it.+   Through the breath of God they perish,And through the spirit of his anger they come to an end. 10  There is the roaring of a lion,* and the voice of a young lion,But the teeth of maned young lions do get broken down. 11  A lion is perishing from there being no prey,And the cubs of a lion* are separated from one another. 12  Now to me a word was stealthily brought,And my ear proceeded to get a whisper of it,+ 13  In disquieting thoughts from visions of the night,When deep sleep falls upon men. 14  A dread came over me, and a trembling,And the multitude of my bones it filled with dread. 15  And a spirit itself went passing over my face;The hair of my flesh began to bristle. 16  It began to stand still,But I did not recognize its appearance;A form was in front of my eyes;There was a calm, and I now heard a voice: 17  ‘Mortal man*—can he be more just than God* himself?Or can able-bodied man be cleaner than his own Maker?’ 18  Look! In his servants he has no faith,And his messengers* he charges with faultiness. 19  How much more so with those dwelling in houses of clay,Whose foundation is in the dust!+One crushes them* more quickly than a moth. 20  From morning to evening they are crushed to pieces;Without anyone’s taking [it to heart] they perish forever. 21  Has not their tent cord within them been pulled out?They die for lack of wisdom.


“Word.” Heb., dha·varʹ, used 20 times in Job.
“Your words.” Heb., mil·leyʹkha, used 34 times in Job and only 4 times in other books.
Heb., ʼar·yehʹ. An African lion.
Heb., la·viʼʹ. An Asian lion.
“Mortal man.” Heb., ha·ʼenohshʹ.
“Than God.” Heb., me·ʼElohʹah.
Or, “angels.”
Or, “They are crushed.”