Job 31:1-40

31  “A covenant I have concluded with my eyes.+So how could I show myself attentive to a virgin?+   And what portion is there from God* above,+Or inheritance from the Almighty from on high?   Is there not disaster for a wrongdoer,+And misfortune for those practicing what is hurtful?   Does he not himself see my ways+And count even all my steps?   If I have walked with [men of] untruth,+And my foot hastens to deception,+   He will weigh me in accurate scales*+And God* will get to know my integrity.+   If my stepping deviates from the way,+Or my heart has walked merely after my eyes,+Or any defect has stuck in my own palms,+   Let me sow seed and someone else eat,+And let my own descendants be rooted out.   If my heart has been enticed toward a woman,+And I kept lying in wait+ at the very entranceway of my companion, 10  Let my wife do the grinding for another man,And over her let other men kneel down.+ 11  For that would be loose conduct,And that would be an error for [attention by] the justices.+ 12  For that is a fire that would eat clear to destruction,*+And among all my produce it would take root. 13  If I used to refuse the judgment of my slave manOr of my slave girl in their case at law with me, 14  Then what can I do when God* rises up?And when he calls for an accounting, what can I answer him?+ 15  Did not the One making me in the belly make him,+And did not just One proceed to prepare us in the womb? 16  If I used to hold back the lowly ones from [their] delight,+And the eyes of the widow I would cause to fail,+ 17  And I used to eat my morsel by myself,While the fatherless boy did not eat from it+ 18  (For from my youth he grew up with me as with a father,And from the belly of my mother I kept leading her); 19  If I used to see anyone perishing from having no garment,+Or that the poor one had no covering; 20  If his loins did not bless me,+Nor from the shorn wool+ of my young rams he would warm himself; 21  If I waved my hand to and fro against the fatherless boy,+When I would see [need of] my assistance in the gate,+ 22  Let my own shoulder blade fall from its shoulder,And let my own arm be broken from its upper bone. 23  For disaster from God* was a dread to me,And against his dignity+ I could not hold out. 24  If I have put gold* as my confidence,Or to gold* I have said, ‘You are my trust!’+ 25  If I used to rejoice because my property was much,+And because my hand had found a lot of things;+ 26  If I used to see the light when it would flash forth,Or the precious moon walking along,+ 27  And my heart began to be enticed in secrecy+And my hand proceeded to kiss my mouth,* 28  That too would be an error for [attention by] the justices,For I should have denied the [true] God above. 29  If I used to rejoice at the extinction of one intensely hating me,+Or I felt excited* because evil had found him— 30  And I did not allow my palate to sinBy asking for an oath against his soul.+ 31  If the men of my tent did not say,‘Who can produce anyone that has not been satisfied from food* of his?’+ 32  Outside no alien resident would spend the night;+My doors I kept open to the path.* 33  If like an earthling man* I covered over my transgressions+By hiding my error in my shirt pocket— 34  Because I would suffer a shock at a large crowd,Or the contempt itself of families would terrorize meAnd I would keep silent, I would not go out of the entrance. 35  O that I had someone listening to me,+That according to my signature* the Almighty himself would answer me!+Or that the individual* in the case at law with me had written a document itself! 36  Surely upon my shoulder I would carry it;I would bind it around me like a grand crown. 37  The number of my steps I would tell him;+Like a leader I would approach him. 38  If against me my own ground would cry for aid,And together its furrows themselves would weep; 39  If its fruitage* I have eaten without money,+And the soul of its owners I have caused to pant,+ 40  Instead of wheat let the thorny weed go forth,+And instead of barley stinking weeds.” The words of Job have come to an end.


“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah; Gr., ho The·osʹ.
Lit., “in scales of righteousness.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah; LXX, “Jehovah.”
“Destruction.” Heb., ʼavad·dohnʹ. See 26:6 ftn.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl; Gr., Ky·riʹou, “Jehovah.”
“Gold.” Heb., za·havʹ.
“Or to gold.” Heb., welak·keʹthem. See 28:16 ftn.
Apparently alluding to throwing a kiss with the hand in an idolatrous practice. Kissing of idols is mentioned in 1Ki 19:18; Ho 13:2.
“Felt excited,” M; T, “made a joyful noise.”
Lit., “flesh; meat.”
“Path,” M; TLXXSyVg, “traveler.”
“Like an earthling man (Adam; man).” Heb., kheʼa·dhamʹ, possibly, “from man; among men.”
Lit., “mark,” evidently in writing, confirming a legal document.
Lit., “man.” Heb., ʼish.
Lit., “its power.” Heb., ko·chahʹ.