Job 29:1-25

29  And Job proceeded again to lift up his proverbial utterance and went on to say:   “O that I were as in the lunar months of long ago,+As in the days when God* was guarding me;+   When he caused his lamp to shine upon my head,[When] I would walk [through] darkness by his light;+   Just as I happened to be in the days of my prime,+When intimacy with God was at my tent;+   When the Almighty was yet with me,[When] my attendants were all around me!   When I washed my steps in butter,And the rock kept pouring out streams of oil for me;*+   When I went forth to the gate by the town,+In the public square I would prepare my seat!+   The boys saw me and hid themselves,And even the aged ones rose up, they stood.+   Princes themselves restrained words,And the palm they would put upon their mouth.+ 10  The voice of the leaders themselves was hidden,And their very tongue cleaved to their palate.+ 11  For the ear itself listened and proceeded to pronounce me happy,And the eye itself saw and proceeded to bear witness for me. 12  For I would rescue the afflicted one crying for help,+And the fatherless boy and anyone that had no helper.+ 13  The blessing+ of the one about to perish—upon me it would come,And the heart of the widow I would make glad.+ 14  With righteousness I clothed myself, and it was clothing me.+My justice was like a sleeveless coat—and a turban. 15  Eyes I became to the blind one;+And feet to the lame one I was. 16  I was a real father to the poor ones;+And the legal case of one whom I did not know—I would examine it.+ 17  And I would break the jawbones of the wrongdoer,+And from his teeth I would tear* away the prey. 18  And I used to say, ‘Within my nest* I shall expire,+And like the grains of sand I shall multiply [my] days.+ 19  My root is opened for the waters,+And dew itself will stay overnight upon my bough. 20  My glory is fresh with me,And my bow in my hand will shoot repeatedly.’ 21  To me they listened; and they waited,And they would keep silent for my counsel.+ 22  After my word they would not speak again,And upon them my word would drip.+ 23  And they waited for me as for the rain,+And their mouth they opened wide for the spring rain.+ 24  I would smile at them—they would not believe [it]—And the light of my face+ they would not cast down. 25  I would choose the way for them, and I was sitting as head;And I resided as a king among [his] troops,+As one who comforts the mourners.+


“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
Lit., “was being poured out as streams of oil with me.”
“Tear,” by a slight correction; M, “throw.”
“Within my nest.” Possibly, “In my old age,” to agree with LXX.